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High-Capacity Battery for Sony NP-98 NP-55 NP-33
Sony NP-98 NP-55 NP-33 Battery
High-Capacity Battery for Sony NP-98 includes everything shown here.

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Product Code: BASONYNP-98

Description Technical Specs

High Capacity Battery for Sony NP-98 NP-55 NP-33

Compatible with Part Numbers

Sony NP-33
Sony NP-4500
Sony NP-55
Sony NP-55H
Sony NP-588A
Sony NP-60
Sony NP-60D
Sony NP-65
Sony NP-65D
Sony NP-66
Sony NP-66 / H
Sony NP-66H
Sony NP-68
Sony NP-77
Sony NP-77 / H
Sony NP-77H
Sony NP-77HD
Sony NP-78
Sony NP-80
Sony NP-80D
Sony NP-90
Sony NP-90D
Sony NP-98
Sony NP-98D
Sony NP-99
Sony NP-C65
Sony NP-S1
Sony NP-S55A
Sony NP-S88A

Ambico V-0817
Ambico V-0825
Amcam 175
Aztec AZ 6000
Aztec AZ 6015
Aztec AZ 6018
Aztec AZ 6024
Batteries R Us C-111-188
Batteries R Us C-115-188H
Batteries R Us C-118-789
Batteries R Us C-122-188HH
Bescor BP-975
Bescor BP-975XT
Cresta CC126
Cresta CC127
Cresta CC128
Cresta CC129
Direct Power Plus DPV-1045
Direct Power Plus DPV-8066T
Direct Power Plus DPV-8077
Direct Power Plus DPV-8088
Direct Power Plus DV-8044
Direct Power Plus DV-8055
Direct Power Plus DV-8066
Direct Power Plus DV-8066P
Direct Power Plus DV-8077
Empire EPP-109
Empire EPP-109-2
Empire EPP-150
Energizer CCM-2460
Energizer CM-1560
Energizer CM-2560
GE AV608
Gemini CQ66
Gemini CQ77
Goldstar GS-E2
GPI V-102
GPI V-103
GPI V-104
GPI V-105
Jasco 8419
Kyocera FP-150
Kyocera FP-1501
Kyocera FP-1502
Kyocera FP-1550
Kyocera FP-170
Lenmar NMP41
Lenmar SP55S
Lenmar SP66
Lenmar SP67S
Lenmar SP77H
Lenmar SP77HL
Lenmar SP77L
Lenmar SP77LD
Lenmar SP77UH
Magnavox SBV1551S01
Magnavox SBV1561S01
Maxell M6015
Maxell M6015NH
Maxell M6022
Maxell M6024
Maxell M6045
Mitsubishi BY-U1
Mitsubishi BY-U2
Nikon NP-55
Nikon NP-77H
Optex NP55
Optex NP66
Optex NP77
Pentax NP-55
Pentax NP-77
Philips SBV1551S01
PhotoCo / Aztec AZ1506
PhotoCo / Aztec AZ2006
PhotoCo / Aztec AZ6018
PhotoCo / Aztec AZ6027
PhotoCo / Aztec AZ6240
Polaroid PR632H
Power Line SON-55
Power Line SON-66-15
Power Line SON-77-2
Power Line SON-77-24
Power Line SON-77-36
Pro Force 1101
Radio Shack 23-184
Radio Shack 23-216
Rayovac RV-1045
Rayovac RV-3006
Rayovac RV-3016
Rayovac RV-8066
Ricoh NP-55
Ricoh NP-77
Rosslare RS55
Rosslare RS66
Rosslare RS67
Rosslare RS77H
Saft CH624
Saft RC6000
Saft RC6015
Saft RC6017
Saft RC6018
Saft RC6019
Saft RC6024
Saft RC6031
Samsung NB-E120A
Samsung NB-E60A
Samsung NB-E70A
Sanyo NP-55
Sanyo NP-77
Satter 06SN18
Satter 06SN77H
Sharp BT-77
Sharp BT-80
Sharp BT-BH70
Sima SB-66
Sima SB-789
Sunpak RB-55
Sunpak RB-77
Sunpak RB-77S
Sunpak RB-80S
Sunpak RP-40S
Sunpak SV-11
Telepower TP-55
Telepower TP-66
Telepower TP-77
Telepower TP-77H
Telepower TP-BP16
Telepower TP-BP17
Ultrapower CAM-1077
Ultrapower CAM-252
Ultrapower CAM-522
Ultrapower CAM-552
Ultrapower CAM-566
Ultrapower CAM-577H
Ultrapower CAM-577L
Uniphot SDV-80B
Varta V-67
Varta V-68
Vivitar V-55
Vivitar V-56
Vivitar V-67
Vivitar V-77
Yashica BP-1501
Yashica BP-1502
Yashica BP-170
Yashica FP-1550
Zenith VAC-110
Zenith VAC-450
Zenith VAC-560
Zenith VAC8045
Zenith VAC8090
Zenith VAC906
Zenith VAC-914

Compatible with the following devices

Sony CCD-20061
Sony CCD-330E
Sony CCD-334E
Sony CCD-335E
Sony CCD-35
Sony CCD-366BR
Sony CCD-380
Sony CCD-390
Sony CCD-400
Sony CCD-50E
Sony CCD-550
Sony CCD-850
Sony CCD-EB55
Sony CCD-F1330
Sony CCD-F150
Sony CCD-F201
Sony CCD-F250
Sony CCD-F250E
Sony CCD-F280
Sony CCD-F288BR
Sony CCD-F30
Sony CCD-F300
Sony CCD-F301
Sony CCD-F302
Sony CCD-F31
Sony CCD-F32
Sony CCD-F33
Sony CCD-F330
Sony CCD-F330E
Sony CCD-F334E
Sony CCD-F335
Sony CCD-F34
Sony CCD-F340
Sony CCD-F35
Sony CCD-F350
Sony CCD-F350E
Sony CCD-F355
Sony CCD-F355E
Sony CCD-F36
Sony CCD-F360
Sony CCD-F365
Sony CCD-F370
Sony CCD-F370E
Sony CCD-F375E
Sony CCD-F38
Sony CCD-F380
Sony CCD-F380E
Sony CCD-F385
Sony CCD-F385E
Sony CCD-F388BR
Sony CCD-F390
Sony CCD-F390E
Sony CCD-F40
Sony CCD-F401
Sony CCD-F402
Sony CCD-F45
Sony CCD-F450

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