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High-Capacity Battery for Canon BP-950G XH A1 XH-A
Canon BP-950G Battery XH A1 XH-A
Battery for Canon BP-950G includes everything shown here.

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This Canon BP-950G Battery is a rechargeable Li-ion replacement battery which is compatible the Canon XH A1 video camera and many other camcorder models listed below. You may also be interested in the compatible high-capacity Canon BP-970G Battery or the Canon BP-950G Battery Charger. More info on our batteries at: Batteries: Your Questions Answered
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Product Code: BACANONBP950G

Description Technical Specs

High Capacity Battery for Canon BP-950G XH A1 XH-A

Compatible with the following devices

Canon C2
Canon DM-MV1
Canon DM-MV10
Canon DM-MV20
Canon DM-XL1
Canon DM-XL1S
Canon DM-XV2
Canon E1
Canon E2
Canon E30
Canon E65AS
Canon ES-300V
Canon ES-4000
Canon ES-410V
Canon ES420V
Canon ES-420V
Canon ES-420V Hi8
Canon ES-50
Canon ES-5000
Canon ES-520A
Canon ES-55
Canon ES-60
Canon ES-60 Hi8
Canon ES-6000
Canon ES-65
Canon ES-65 Hi8
Canon ES-6500
Canon ES-6500V
Canon ES-7000ES
Canon ES-7000V
Canon ES75
Canon ES-75
Canon ES-75 Hi8
Canon ES-8000
Canon ES-8000V
Canon ES-8100H18
Canon ES-8100V
Canon ES8200V
Canon ES-8200V
Canon ES-8200V Hi8
Canon ES8400V
Canon ES-8400V
Canon ES-8400V Hi8
Canon ES8600
Canon ES-8600
Canon FV1
Canon G-1000
Canon G-10HI
Canon G-1500
Canon G15H
Canon G20Hi
Canon G30Hi
Canon G35Hi
Canon G45Hi
Canon GL1
Canon GL-1
Canon GL2
Canon GL-2
Canon GL2 (MINI DV)
Canon MV1
Canon MV10
Canon MV100
Canon MV200i
Canon UC-V100
Canon UC-V10HI
Canon UC-V200
Canon UC-V20HI
Canon UC-V30HI
Canon UC-X1HI
Canon UCX-2
Canon UC-X2
Canon UC-X2HI
Canon UC-X30HI
Canon UC-X40HI
Canon UC-X45HI
Canon UC-X50HI
Canon UC-X55HI
Canon V-40
Canon V-400
Canon V-40HI
Canon V-420
Canon V50Hi
Canon V520
Canon V60Hi
Canon V65Hi
Canon V72
Canon V75Hi
Canon XH A1
Canon XH G1
Canon XH-A1
Canon XH-G1
Canon XL H1
Canon XL1
Canon XL-1
Canon XL1S
Canon XL-1S
Canon XL2
Canon XL-2
Canon XL-A1
Canon XL-G1
Canon XL-H1
Canon XM1
Canon XM2
Canon XV1
Canon XV2

Compatible with Part Numbers

Canon BP-911
Canon BP-911K
Canon BP-914
Canon BP-915
Canon BP-915L
Canon BP-924
Canon BP-927
Canon BP-930
Canon BP-930E
Canon BP-930R
Canon BP-941
Canon BP945
Canon BP-945
Canon BP950
Canon BP-950
Canon BP950G
Canon BP-950G
Canon VCA-911
Canon VCN003
Canon VCN003S
Again and Again CL-610
APS BC1002
Battery Technology (BTI) BTI-CN911
Bescor BPLI915
Delkin DD/BP915
DTI Electronics DTL-911C
Duracell DR2
Duracell DRC915
Empire BLI-161
E-Power BLI-161l
Hahnel HL-916
Hama 46335
Hama 46357
Hama CP-335
Hama CP-357
Helios HS-C911
Lenmar LIC911
Lenmar PC-911
Maxell M7220
Monster MSC1L
Polaroid PR-610
Polaroid PR-610L
Sakar BP-915CL
Sakar CB-915
Sunpak TAI-S1050-01
Techcell L915US
Uniross VP914L
Varta V274
Vidpro ACD605
Vivanco BP-1367

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