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AC/DC Battery Charger

Your AC/DC Battery Charger differs from an AC power adapter and has some unique qualities that you should understand before operating. Here are our Top 5 Tips on understanding your AC/DC battery charger.

FAQ: AC/DC Battery Chargers

o What does my AC/DC Battery Charger do?

>> The AC/DC battery charger is meant to externally charge your battery by removing the battery from your device and placing it on the charging tray and plugging the charger in via a wall outlet or the DC outlet in your vehicle. Most battery chargers are built specific to a battery model. However, universal battery chargers usually include adjustable contacts, and some charger models are built to work with multiple specific battery models. The battery charger will provide specific voltage to recharge your battery's cells.

o What comes with my AC/DC Battery Charger?

>> Battery chargers from BatteryFly.com will all include a charging tray (the charging unit), and a DC adapter plug (which plugs into your cigarette lighter in your vehicle). Then, depending on the model, some chargers will also include an AC adapter plug, while others have "flip-able" AC plugs built directly into the charging tray. If you're traveling internationally you may need a universal plug adapter to use your charger in differing international outlets.

o Do NOT plug any part of your charger into your electronic device!

>> Do NOT try to plug any cable or cord included with your battery charger directly into your camera, camcorder, laptop, MP3 player, etc. The cables and cords included with your charger were built specifically to work with the battery charger, not with your electronic device. You can seriously damage your electronic device by attempting to plug the charger's cables into it.

o My battery has 3 contacts but my charger only has 2 contacts. What gives?

>> Your battery will most likely have three or more contacts. Only two of the contacts on your battery are meant for sending/receiving power. One is a positive contact, and the other is a negative contact. The other contacts on the battery are usually "data" contacts meant to communicate with your electronic device in some way. Your battery charger will only have two contacts which are meant to line-up with the positive and negative contacts on your battery.

o Why kind of batteries are rechargeable?

>> Unless your portable device uses an alkaline battery or lithium battery (different than Li-ion) it is most likely rechargeable. Most digital camera batteries, video camera batteries , and cell phone batteries are removable and rechargeable in an external battery charger. However, some batteries are permanently installed internal batteries and are not removable to charge on an external battery charger such as eReader batteries, iPod & MP3 batteries , laptop batteries, PDA batteries, vacuum batteries, etc. These require an AC power adapter of some sort to plug into the device to recharge the battery.

o Chargers can be battery killers! Practice good charging habits.

>> The best way to destroy the power capacity of your battery (ie. the ability to hold a long charge) is to leave your fully charged battery on the charger for long periods of time (days, weeks, months, etc). When you leave a fully charged battery on the charger you continue to stress fully charged cells. Doing this will wear out the cell's ability to hold a long charge. Get in the habit of removing your fully charged battery from the charger and keeping it a dry room temperature location. For more tips on taking care of your battery see our Batteries FAQ .