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Battery for Panasonic KX-TG1031S KX-TG1032 KX-TG1033 TG1034 HHR-4DPA HHR-55AAABU
Battery for Panasonic KX-TG1031S KX-TG1032
Battery for Panasonic KX-TG1031S KX-TG1032

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Product Code: DS-CS-PTG103CL

Description Technical Specs

Battery for Panasonic KX-TG1031S KX-TG1032 KX-TG1032PK KX-TG1032S KX-TG1033

Compatible with the following devices

KX-TG1031S, KX-TG1032, KX-TG1032PK, KX-TG1032S, KX-TG1033, KX-TG1033PK, KX-TG1033S, KX-TG1034, KX-TG1034PK, KX-TG1034S, KX-TG1043S, KX-TG1061M, KX-TG1062M, KX-TG1063M, KX-TG4011N, KX-TG4012N, KX-TG4013N, KX-TG4021N, KX-TG4022N, KX-TG4023N, KX-TG4024N, KX-TG4031B, KX-TG4032B, KX-TG4033B, KX-TG4034B, KX-TG4053B, KX-TG4321B, KX-TG4322B, KX-TG4323, KX-TG4324, KX-TG6311S, KX-TG6312S, KX-TG6313S, KX-TG6322, KX-TG6323, KX-TG6324, KX-TG6411T, KX-TG6412M, KX-TG6413T, KX-TG6431M, KX-TG6432M, KX-TG6433M, KX-TG6434PK, KX-TG6440PK, KX-TG6442T, KX-TG6443T, KX-TG6444PK, KX-TG6444T, KX-TG6445T, KX-TG6511B, KX-TG6512B, KX-TG6513B, KX-TG6531B, KX-TG6532B, KX-TG6533B, KX-TG6534B, KX-TG6541B, KX-TG6542B, KX-TG6543B, KX-TG6544B, KX-TG6545B, KX-TG6572C, KX-TG6572R, KX-TG6582T, KX-TG6583T, KX-TG7431B, KX-TG7432B, KX-TG7433B, KX-TG7434B, KX-TG7531B, KX-TG7532B, KX-TG7533B, KX-TG7534B, KX-TG8231B, KX-TG8232B, KX-TG9321T, KX-TG9322T, KX-TG9331T, KX-TG9332T, KX-TG9333T, KX-TG9334T, KX-TG9341, KX-TG9342, KX-TG9343, KX-TG9344, KX-TG9344T, KX-TG9348, KX-TG9361B, KX-TG9371, KX-TG9372, KX-TG9381T, KX-TG9382T, KX-TG9391T, KX-TG9392T, KX-TG939T, KX-TGA101, KX-TGA101S, KX-TGA106M, KX-TGA250FX, KX-TGA401B, KX-TGA430, KX-TGA430B, KX-TGA641T, KX-TGA651B, KX-TGA740B, KX-TGA750B, KX-TGA820B, KX-TGA930, KX-TGA930T, KX-TGA935, KX-TGA935B, KX-TGA939T, KX-TH1201, KX-TH1211, KX-TH1211B, KX-TH1212, KX-TH1212B, KX-TH1221, KX-THA120, KX-TS208W, KX-TS3282B, KX-TS3282W, KX-TS4100B, KX-TS4200B, KX-TS4300B, KX-TSC14B, KX-TSC14W, American Telecom 2250

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

HHR-4DPA, HHR-55AAABU, American Telecom CS-PTG103CL

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