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Battery for Panasonic BP-50 AG-B20P CANON CV-T60 BP-30 BP-30A BP-31 BP-32 BP-100
Battery for Panasonic BP-50 AG-B20P CANON CV-T60
Battery for Panasonic BP-50 AG-B20P CANON CV-T60

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Product Code: DS-CS-VBF2E

Description Technical Specs

Battery for Panasonic AG185 AG186 AG187 AG188 AG195MUP AG195UP AG196 AG455

Compatible with the following devices

AG185, AG186, AG187, AG188, AG195MUP, AG195UP, AG196, AG455, AG455MUP, AG455UP, CVL325AV01, CVR325, M3000, M9000, NVM1000PX, NV-M1000PX, NVM2200PN, NV-M2200PN, NVM2400PN, NV-M2400PN, NV-M3000, NVM3000EM, NV-M3000EM, NVM3000EN, NV-M3000EN, NVM3000PN3, NV-M3000PN3, NVM3300MC, NV-M3300MC, NV-M3500, NVM3500PN, NV-M3500PN, NVM40A, NV-M40A, NVM40E, NV-M40E, NV-M50, NV-M9000, NVM9000PN, NV-M9000PN, NVM9000PN3, NV-M9000PN3, NV-M9500 VHS, NVM9500EN, NV-M9500EN, NV-MS4B, NVMS5A, NV-MS5A, NVMS5B, NV-MS5B, NVMS5EG, NV-MS5EG, PV500, PV500D, PV501, PV501D, PV502, PV502D, PV505, PV505D, PV510, PV510D, PV515, PV515D, PV602, PV602D, PV604, PV604D, PV605, PV605S, PV606, PV606D, PV610, PV610D, PV615, PV615S, PV700, PV700D, PV704, PV704D, PV705S, PV710, PV710D, PV715S, PV720, PV720D, PV750, PV750D, PV760, PV7600, PV760A, PV760B, PV760D, PV760DA, PV800, PV810, PV900, PV900D, PV908, PV908D, PV910, PV910A, PV910D, PV918, PV918D, PV940, PV940D, PV950, PV950A, PV950B, PV950D, PV960, PV960D, PVD910, PVS770, PVS770A, PVS770D, PVS770DA, VM32, VM706, VM715, VM749, CANON CR-30A, CV-T60, CV-T65, CV-T70, F-1000S, SAMSUNG SV-E27, JVC GS-1000, OLYMPUS VC-104, VC-105, VC-106, VX-402, VX-404, VX-405, VX-406, VX-S405, PENTAX PVR1100A, TOSHIBA 151, BLAUPUNKT CR-1500, CR-1800, PTV-260, NEC CV-30U, CV-40U, V-20U, V-300, V-400, V-40U, VM40U, Philips CPJ-810, CPJ-815, CPK-834, CPK-855, CVL-345, M1176A, M1275A, M1276A, M1277A, PRO 1, VKR-2000, TECHNIKA C-5010, C-6000, C-6010, C-7000, CX-700, CX-711, CX-811, CX-971S, MAGNAVOX, 8292, 8293, 8380, CV5320AV, CVJ310, CVJ312, CVJ320, CVJ322, CVJ340, CVJ350, CVK321, CVK332, CVK342, CVK352, CVL320, CVL325, VR8208AV01, VR8245BK01, VR8292, VR8293, VR8294, VR8294AF, VR8380, VR8382, VR8400, VR8450, VR8451, VR8453, VR8454, VR8455, VR8456, VR8457, VR8471, VR8472, VR8474, VR8475, VR8480, VR8484, VR8485, VR8486, VR8570, VR8572, VR8585, VR8590, VR8592, VR9143, VR9240AV, VR9244, VR9246, CHINON CV-765, CV-770, CV-C70, CV-C800, CV-T124, CV-T60, CV-T60G, CV-T63, CV-T65, CV-T7, CV-T70, CV-T72, CV-T73, CV-T80, CURTIS MATHES 768, 770, AV800, BV880, CV800, DV800, ELMO ER-10, HV773, PV800, QD00004, QUASAR REALISTIC, VM-11C, VM-20AC, VM-2100, VM-21AC, VM-22AC, VM-23AC, VM-24AC, VM-25AC, VM-26AC, VM-27AC, VM-29, VM-34, VM-35, VM-37, VM-708, VM-709, VP-2100, VP-5430, VP-5440, VP-5441, VP-5442, VP-5450, VP-5451, VP-5452, VP-5740, VP-5741, VP-5742, VP-5744, VP-5747, VP-5748, VP-5750, VP-5751, VP-5756, VP-5757, VV-9404, SEARS 5368, 53683, 5369, 53691, 5370, 53703, Marantz CV-B800, Critikon Systems Dinamap Plus 8710, Dinamap Plus 8720, Dinamap Plus 8725, JCpenny 686-5110, 686-5111, 686-5115, 686-5116, 686-5335, 686-5350, 686-6016, 855-8967, 855-9163, VS-160, SYLVANIA VC4511SL01, VC4512SL01, VC4513SL01, VC4514SL, VC4515SL01, VC4520, VC4525SL01, VC4526, VC4527SL01, VC4530, VC4540SL01, VC4545, VC4546, VCC151, VCC151AV01, VCC152, VCC157, VCC159, VCC161, VKC242, WARDS 10650, 10651, 10652, 10687, SIGNATURE 2000, REALISTIC, , General Electric 1CVD5021, 1CVD5021X, 1CVD5023, 1CVD5025B, 1CVD5025X, 1CVD5027, 1CVD5028B, 1CVD5040, 1CVM8080, 1CVP5021, 1CVP5022B, 1CVP5022X, 1CVP5024, 1CVP5026X, 1CVP5027, 1CVP5028B, 1CVP5030, 1CVP6022, 1CVP6024, 1CVP6026, 1CVP6028, 1CVP6030, 5036, 5200, 5424, 5426, 5428, 5430, 5440, 5442, 5740, 5747, 9-9605, 9-9606, 9-9607, 9-9608, 9-9609, 9-9610, 9-9805, 9-9806, 9-9807, 9-9808, 9-9810, 9-9815, CG-700, CG-701, CG-911, CG-9805, CG-9806, CG-9807, CG-9808, CG-9809, CG-9810, CG-9815, CG-9820, CG-9825, CG-9915, PHILCO V1728SL01, V1728TSL01, VCR801AV01, VCR802AV01, VCR807AV01, VCR809AV01, VCR901AV01, ZENITH VAC-905, BAUER-BOSCH VCC-516, VCC-526, VCC-550, VRP-30

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

AG-B20P, BP-50, EPK1185, LCS-2012APC, LCS-2012AV, LCS-2312AVBNC, LCS-A122R3EU100C, LCT-1912AP, PV-BP80, VSB-0011, VW-VB30, VW-VB31, VW-VBF2E, VW-VBF2E/1B, VW-VBF2T, VW-VBM7E, CANON BP-100, BP-30, BP-30A, BP-31, BP-32, SAMSUNG VW-VBF2E, JVC VW-VBF2E, OLYMPUS VW-VBF2E, PENTAX V80039BK01, TOSHIBA VAC-905, BLAUPUNKT VW-VBF2E, NEC VW-VBF2E, Philips 40488A, AR8378BK01, AR8395BK01, QUASAR VE257, V80039BK01, V80086BK01, VE551XE, VSBS0011, TECHNIKA CB-620, CB-812, MAGNAVOX VW-VBF2E, CHINON BP-80, CV-BP80, CV-BP82, CURTIS MATHES ELMO BP-10, PVBP80, QUASAR VW-VBF2E, SEARS VW-VBF2E, Marantz VW-VBF2E, Critikon Systems EPP-100C, JCpenny BP-122, SYLVANIA AR8378BK01, AR8395BK01, V80039BK01, V80086BK01, WARDS VAC-905, REALISTIC 23-187, SAMSUNG, SANYO LA2312, SEARS 5399, General Electric 1CVA125, 1CVA155, PHILCO V80039BK01, ZENITH VAC-905, BAUER-BOSCH BA32-1

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