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Battery for PHILIPS 4222-036-06410 036-11290 Norelco AT895 9170XL HQ9100 RQ1060
Battery for PHILIPS 4222-036-06410 036-11290
Battery for PHILIPS 4222-036-06410 036-11290

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Product Code: DS-CS-PHQ190SL

Description Technical Specs

Shaver Battery for PHILIPS Arcitec 036-11290 4222-036-06410 4222-036-11290

Compatible with the following devices

Arcitec PT920/21, RQ1060, RQ1090, RQ1250, Panasonic ES8103, PHILIPS 8895XL, 9160XL, 9170XL, 9190XL, 9195XL, HQ7360, HQ7363, HQ8100, HQ8140, HQ8150, HQ8160, HQ8170, HQ8200, HQ8250, HQ8290, HQ8800, HQ8894, HQ9020, HQ9070, HQ9080, HQ9090, HQ9100, HQ9160XL, HQ9170XL, HQ9190, HQ9190XL, HQ9195XL, HX6300, HX6310, HX6311, HX6320, HX6330, HX6380, HX6500, HX6510, HX6511, HX6530, HX6581, HX6582, HX6600, HX6630, HX6700, HX6710, HX6711, HX6712, HX6720, HX6730, HX6731, HX6732, HX6733, HX6750, HX6760, HX6780, HX6781, HX6782, HX6800, HX6900, HX6902, HX6910, HX6911, HX6912, HX6920, HX6921, HX6930, HX6932, HX6933, HX6942, HX6950, HX6952, HX6960, HX6970, HX6972, HX6982, HX6983, HX6985, HX6986, HX6992, HX6993, HX6995, HX8900, HX8910, HX8930, HX9100, HX9110, HX9140, HX9160, HX9190, HX9300, HX9310, HX9330, HX9333, HX9340, HX9343, HX9350, HX9360, HX9370, HX9383, HX9390, HX939L, Norelco 1050CC, Norelco 1050X, Norelco 1059X, Norelco 1060X, Norelco 1090X, Norelco 1250cc, Norelco 1250X, Norelco 1255X, Norelco 1260X, Norelco 1280cc, Norelco 1280X, Norelco 1290X, Norelco 7810XL, Norelco 8138XL, Norelco 8140XL, Norelco 8150XL, Norelco 8151XL, Norelco 8160XL, Norelco 8160XLCC, Norelco 8170XL, Norelco 8171XL, Norelco 8175XL, Norelco 8240XL, Norelco 8250XL, Norelco 8260XL, Norelco 8260XLCC, Norelco 8270XL, Norelco 8280XL, Norelco 8894XL, Norelco 9160XL, Norelco 9160XL/43, Norelco 9170XL, Norelco 9170XL/43, Norelco 9170XLCC/40, Norelco 9190XL, Norelco 9190XL/40, Norelco 9195XL, Norelco 9195XL/41, Norelco AT810, Norelco AT811, Norelco AT814, Norelco AT815, Norelco AT830, Norelco AT875, Norelco AT880, Norelco AT890, Norelco AT891, Norelco AT893, Norelco AT895, Norelco HQ7390, Norelco HQ8100, Norelco HQ8140, Norelco HQ8150, Norelco HQ8160, Norelco HQ8170, Norelco HQ8172, Norelco HQ8173, Norelco HQ8240, Norelco HQ8250, Norelco HQ8260, Norelco HQ8270, Norelco HQ8290, Norelco HQ8894/43, Norelco HQ9190/20, Norelco HQ9190/99, Norelco RQ1050, Norelco RQ1050CC, Norelco RQ1051, Norelco RQ1060, Norelco RQ1070, Norelco RQ1075, Norelco RQ1076, Norelco RQ1080, Norelco RQ1085, Norelco RQ1090, Norelco RQ1095, Norelco RQ1250, Norelco RQ1260, Norelco RQ1280, Norelco RQ1290, Norelco Smarttouch-XL, RQ1050, RQ1060, RQ1065, RQ1070, RQ1075, RQ1085, RQ1095, RQ1095/22, RQ1250, RQ1260, RQ1270, RQ1280, RQ1290, RQ1295, RQ1296, Spectra 8892XL, Spectra 8895XL

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

Arcitec 036-11290, 4222-036-06410, 4222-036-11290, Panasonic 036-11290, 4222-036-06410, 4222-036-11290, PHILIPS 036-11290, 4222-036-06410, 4222-036-11290

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