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Battery for HP Chromebook 14-Q039WM Q029WM TPN-Q134 738392-005 A2304XL HSTNNLB5R
Battery for HP Chromebook 14-Q039WM Q029WM
Battery for HP Chromebook 14-Q039WM Q029WM

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Product Code: DS-CS-HPN134NB

Description Technical Specs

Battery for HP Chromebook 14 Chromebook 14 14-Q063CL Chromebook 14 G1 Chromebook

Compatible with the following devices

Chromebook 14, Chromebook 14 14-Q063CL, Chromebook 14 G1, Chromebook 14 G1(F7W49UA), Chromebook 14 G1(H6Q27EA), Chromebook 14 G1(H6Q28EA), Chromebook 14 G1(H6Q29EA), Chromebook 14 G1(J2L39UA), Chromebook 14 G1(J2L42UA), Chromebook 14Q, Chromebook 14-Q, Chromebook 14-q000, Chromebook 14-q000ea, Chromebook 14-Q000ED, Chromebook 14-q000ef, Chromebook 14-q000er, Chromebook 14-q000ns, Chromebook 14-Q000SA, Chromebook 14-q000sf, Chromebook 14-q001ef, Chromebook 14-q001er, Chromebook 14-q001la, Chromebook 14-q001ns, Chromebook 14-q001sa, Chromebook 14-Q001TU, Chromebook 14-Q001XX, Chromebook 14-q002ef, Chromebook 14-q002er, Chromebook 14-Q002LA, Chromebook 14-q002sa, Chromebook 14-Q002TU, Chromebook 14-q003sa, Chromebook 14-Q003TU, Chromebook 14-q004la, Chromebook 14-q004sa, Chromebook 14-Q004TU, Chromebook 14-q005sa, Chromebook 14-Q005TU, Chromebook 14-Q006TU, Chromebook 14-Q007TU, Chromebook 14-Q008TU, Chromebook 14-Q009TU, Chromebook 14-Q010DX, Chromebook 14-q010ez, Chromebook 14-q010nr, Chromebook 14-Q010SA, Chromebook 14-q011ed, Chromebook 14-q011sa, Chromebook 14-q012ed, Chromebook 14-q012sa, Chromebook 14-q013sa, Chromebook 14-q014sa, Chromebook 14-q015sa, Chromebook 14-Q020NR, Chromebook 14-q021nb, Chromebook 14-q022nb, Chromebook 14-Q029WM, Chromebook 14-q030ea, Chromebook 14-q030ef, Chromebook 14-Q030EG, Chromebook 14-q030eo, Chromebook 14-q030ez, Chromebook 14-q030nr, Chromebook 14-q030sa, Chromebook 14-q030sg, Chromebook 14-q031ea, Chromebook 14-q031ef, Chromebook 14-q031eo, Chromebook 14-q031sa, Chromebook 14-q032ea, Chromebook 14-q032ef, Chromebook 14-q032sa, Chromebook 14-q033eo, Chromebook 14-Q039WM, Chromebook 14-Q049WM, Chromebook 14-Q050CA, Chromebook 14-Q050NA, Chromebook 14-Q050NR, Chromebook 14-q051na, Chromebook 14-q052na, Chromebook 14-q053na, Chromebook 14-q055no, Chromebook 14-Q063CL, Chromebook 14-Q070NR, Chromebook 14-q072no, Chromebook 14-Q073CL, Chromebook 14-q073no, Chromebook 14-q075no, Chromebook 14-Q083CL, Pavilion 14-Q010DX, TPN-Q134

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

738075-421, 738392-005, A2304051XL, A2304051XL-PL, A2304XL, HSTNN-LB5R, TPN-Q134

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