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Battery for HP 250 255 G7 14-CF0012DX L11119-855 HT03XL HT03041XL L11421-422
Battery for HP 250 255 G7 14-CF0012DX L11119-855
Battery for HP 250 255 G7 14-CF0012DX L11119-855

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Product Code: DS-CS-HPG250NB

Description Technical Specs

Battery for HP 14-CE1008TX 14-CF0005NI 14-CF0008NT 14-CF0012DX 14-CF0013NO

Compatible with the following devices

14-CE1008TX, 14-CF0005NI, 14-CF0008NT, 14-CF0012DX, 14-CF0013NO, 14-CF0016CA, 14-CF0020NF, 14-CF0021UR, 14-CF0320NG, 14-CF1051OD, 14-CF1775NZ, 14-CK0000NF, 14-CK0004LA, 14-CK0009NIA, 14-CK0017TX, 14-CK0194NIA, 14-CK0596NA, 14-CK0997NA, 14-CK1000TX, 14-CK1014NIA, 14-CM0004NO, 14-CM0011AU, 14-CM0011NA, 14-CM0034AU, 14-CM0043LA, 14-CM0055AU, 14-CM0071AU, 14-CM0072UR, 14-DF0001NM, 14-DF0015DS, 14-DF0020NR, 14-DK0000NP, 14-DK0002NF, 14Q-CS0003TU, 14S-CF0003TX, 14S-CF0013TX, 14S-CF0032TU, 14S-CF0046TU, 14S-CF0055TX, 15-CS, 15-CS0019TX, 15-CS0048TX, 15-CW0004LA, 15-CW0061NR, 15-DA0001LA, 15-DA0002DX, 15-DA0005NE, 15-DA0008NP, 15-DA0012NM, 15-DA0014NV, 15-DA0019NF, 15-DA0021UR, 15-DA0024NT, 15-DA0032NV, 15-DA0035LA, 15-DA0037NH, 15-DA0039NC, 15-DA0044NW, 15-DA0049NL, 15-DA0053NS, 15-DA0055NM, 15-DA0055NT, 15-DA0057NIA, 15-DA0058NX, 15-DA0061NF, 15-DA0075NS, 15-DA0078NIA, 15-DA0080TX, 15-DA0083OD, 15-DA0103TX, 15-DA0107TU, 15-DA0110TU, 15-DA0114TU, 15-DA0115NB, 15-DA0128NIA, 15-DA0134TU, 15-DA0137NL, 15-DA0140NL, 15-DA0142UR, 15-DA0143TX, 15-DA0171TU, 15-DA0175NS, 15-DA0178TU, 15-DA0181UR, 15-DA0213TX, 15-DA0219NS, 15-DA0223UR, 15-DA0226UR, 15-DA0228TU, 15-DA0264TU, 15-DA0271TX, 15-DA0277TX, 15-da0315ng, 15-DA0322TU, 15-DA0327UR, 15-DA0333UR, 15-DA0339TU, 15-DA0409UR, 15-DA0417UR, 15-DA0429TX, 15-DA0434TX, 15-da0700ng, 15-DA0996NL, 15-DA1000NIA, 15-DA1001NT, 15-DA1002TU, 15-DA1011NO, 15-DA1012UR, 15-DA1014UR, 15-DA1024NIA, 15-DA1025TU, 15-DA1027NP, 15-DA1028UR, 15-DA1045TX, 15-DA1046NIA, 15-DA1049NT, 15-DA1053TX, 15-DA1055NE, 15-DA1058NIA, 15-DA1323NIA, 15-DA1503NZ, 15-DA1807NO, 15-DA1997NE, 15-DB0002NQ, 15-DB0004NW, 15-DB0007NL, 15-DB0020NG, 15-DB0023NF, 15-DB0027AU, 15-DB0029NV, 15-DB0037NF, 15-DB0040UR, 15-DB0045NV, 15-DB0048NC, 15-DB0050AX, 15-DB0052NA, 15-DB0053NC, 15-DB0054NT, 15-DB0077AX, 15-DB0083CL, 15-DB0086UR, 15-DB0090UR, 15-DB0150ND, 15-DB0165NB, 15-DB0177UR, 15-DB0185AU, 15-DB0342UR, 15-DB0405UR, 15-DB0410UR, 15-DB0426UR, 15-DB0453UR, 15-DB0500NG, 15-DB0807NG, 15-DB0930ND, 15-DB1010NM, 15-DB1013NB, 15-DB1015NT, 15-DB1020NG, 15-DB1082NM, 15-DB1228NG, 15-DB1624NG, 15-DW0014NA, 15-DW0017NH, 15-DW0020NI, 15-DW0023NH, 15-DW0057NL, 15-DW0076NF, 15-DW0087NR, 15-DW0105NL, 15Q-DS0019TU, 15Q-DY0002AU, 15S-FQ0000UR, 15S-FQ0020UR, 17-BY, 17-BY0001TU, 17-BY0005TX, 17-BY0021NG, 17-BY0027UR, 17-BY0032UR, 17-BY0038UR, 17-BY0173UR, 17-BY0212NG, 17-BY0327NG, 17-BY0511SA, 17-BY1010NF, 17-BY1017UR, 17-BY1026UR, 17-BY1036UR, 17-CA0005NW, 17-CA0007UR, 17-CA0009NW, 17-CA0012NS, 17-CA0082NB, 17-CA0117UR, 17-CA0128UR, 17-CA0140UR, 17-CA1015NM, 17-CA1097NB, 17-CA1314NG, 17-CA1901ND, 250 G7, 255 G7, Notebook 14-CE0030TX, Notebook 14-MA0350NG, Notebook 14s-dk0002au, Notebook 14s-dk0015au, Notebook 15-CS1007TX, Notebook 15-DA0405NG, PAVILION 14-CE0009NA, PAVILION 14-CE0010NP, PAVILION 14-CE0012NI, PAVILION 14-CE0013UR, PAVILION 14-CE0048UR, PAVILION 14-CE0056UR, PAVILION 14-CE0066UR, PAVILION 14-CE0087TX, Pavilion 14-ce0300ng, PAVILION 14-CE1000NA, PAVILION 14-CE1001NC, PAVILION 14-CE1002NW, PAVILION 14-CE1005NC, PAVILION 14-CE1350ND, PAVILION 14-CE1520SA, PAVILION 14-CE1963NB, PAVILION 14-CE2001NE, PAVILION 14-CE2028NL, PAVILION 14-CE2039NM, PAVILION 14-CE2078NL, PAVILION 14-CE2304NZ, PAVILION 15-CS0006NK, PAVILION 15-CS0007NL, PAVILION 15-CS0008TU, PAVILION 15-CS0010NR, PAVILION 15-CS0020NT, PAVILION 15-CS0022TX, PAVILION 15-CS0025CL, PAVILION 15-CS0027TX, PAVILION 15-CS0065NU, PAVILION 15-CS0072TX, PAVILION 15-CS0079TX, PAVILION 15-CS0091MS, Pavilion 15-cs0100, Pavilion 15-cs0209ng, Pavilion 15-cs0403ng, PAVILION 15-CS0600NG, PAVILION 15-CS0853ND, PAVILION 15-CS0993NL, PAVILION 15-CS0998NK, PAVILION 15-CS1017NF, PAVILION 15-CS1019UR, PAVILION 15-CS1024NP, PAVILION 15-CS1975ND, PAVILION 15-CS2000NO, PAVILION 15-CS2002NF, PAVILION 15-CS2003UR, PAVILION 15-CS2022NH, PAVILION 15-CS2029NW, PAVILION 15-CS2040NW, PAVILION 15-CS2051OD, PAVILION 15-CU1006TU, PAVILION 15-CW0000NA, PAVILION 15-CW0002NF, PAVILION 15-CW0005CY, PAVILION 15-CW0087NB, PAVILION 15-CW0509NA, PAVILION 15-CW0983NA, PAVILION 15-CW0999NA, PAVILION 15-CW1105NG, PAVILION 15-CW1244NG, PAVILION 15-CW1947ND, PAVILION X360 14-DH1039TX

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

HSTNN-DB8R, HSTNN-DB8S, HSTNN-IB80, HSTNN-IB8O, HSTNN-LB8L, HSTNN-LB8M, HSTNN-UB7J, HT03041XL, HT03XL, L11119-855, L11421-1C1, L11421-1C2, L11421-271, L11421-2C1, L11421-2C2, L11421-2C3, L11421-2D1, L11421-2D2, L11421-421, L11421-422, L11421-423, L11421-542, L11421-544, L11421-545, TPN-C136, TPN-I130, TPN-I131, TPN-I132, TPN-I133, TPN-I134, TPN-Q207, TPN-Q208, TPN-Q209, TPN-Q210

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