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Adapter for JVC GR-AX760US GR-AX880 AP-V10U AP-V11U AP-V12 AP-V13U LY20739-001A
Adapter for JVC GR-AX760US GR-AX880 AP-V10U
Adapter for JVC GR-AX760US GR-AX880 AP-V10U

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Product Code: DS-DF-APV120MC

Description Technical Specs

AC Adapter for JVC GR-AX760 GR-AX760U GR-AX760US GR-AX761 GR-AX761U

Compatible with the following devices

GR-AX760, GR-AX760U, GR-AX760US, GR-AX761, GR-AX761U, GR-AX761US, GR-AX880, GR-AX880U, GR-AX880US, GR-AX970, GR-AX970U, GR-AX970US, GR-AXM151, GR-AXM151U, GR-AXM151US, GR-AXM230, GR-AXM230U, GR-AXM230US, GR-AXM231, GR-AXM231U, GR-AXM231US, GR-AXM241, GR-AXM241U, GR-AXM241US, GR-AXM341, GR-AXM341U, GR-AXM341US, GR-D200, GR-D200U, GR-D200US, GR-D201, GR-D201U, GR-D201US, GR-D22, GR-D22U, GR-D22US, GR-D30, GR-D30U, GR-D30US, GR-D31, GR-D31U, GR-D31US, GR-D70, GR-D70U, GR-D70US, GR-D90, GR-D90U, GR-D90US, GR-D91, GR-D91U, GR-D91US, GR-DV500, GR-DV500U, GR-DV500US, GR-DV800, GR-DV800U, GR-DV800US, GR-DV801, GR-DV801U, GR-DV801US, GR-DVL120, GR-DVL120U, GR-DVL120US, GR-DVL210, GR-DVL210U, GR-DVL210US, GR-DVL220, GR-DVL220U, GR-DVL220US, GR-DVL310, GR-DVL310U, GR-DVL310US, GR-DVL315, GR-DVL315U, GR-DVL315US, GR-DVL317, GR-DVL317U, GR-DVL317US, GR-DVL320, GR-DVL320U, GR-DVL320US, GR-DVL510, GR-DVL510U, GR-DVL510US, GR-DVL512, GR-DVL512U, GR-DVL512US, GR-DVL515, GR-DVL515U, GR-DVL515US, GR-DVL517, GR-DVL517U, GR-DVL517US, GR-DVL520, GR-DVL520U, GR-DVL520US, GR-DVL522, GR-DVL522U, GR-DVL522US, GR-DVL720, GR-DVL720U, GR-DVL720US, GR-DVL725, GR-DVL725U, GR-DVL725US, GR-DVL815, GR-DVL815U, GR-DVL815US, GR-DVL817, GR-DVL817U, GR-DVL817US, GR-DVL820, GR-DVL820U, GR-DVL820US, GR-DVL822, GR-DVL822U, GR-DVL822US, GR-DVL915, GR-DVL915U, GR-DVL915US, GR-DVL920, GR-DVL920U, GR-DVL920US, GR-DVM55, GR-DVM55U, GR-DVM55US, GR-DVM75, GR-DVM75U, GR-DVM75US, GR-DVM76, GR-DVM76U, GR-DVM76US, GR-DVM96, GR-DVM96U, GR-DVM96US, GR-DX300, GR-DX300U, GR-DX300US, GR-DX500, GR-DX500U, GR-DX500US, GR-DX75, GR-DX75U, GR-DX75US, GR-DX95, GR-DX95U, GR-DX95US, GR-SX860, GR-SX860U, GR-SX860US, GR-SX960, GR-SX960U, GR-SX960US, GR-SXM235, GR-SXM235U, GR-SXM235US, GR-SXM240, GR-SXM240U, GR-SXM240US, GR-SXM245, GR-SXM245U, GR-SXM245US, GR-SXM250, GR-SXM250U, GR-SXM250US, GR-SXM330, GR-SXM330U, GR-SXM330US, GR-SXM335, GR-SXM335U, GR-SXM335US, GR-SXM340, GR-SXM340U, GR-SXM340US, GR-SXM535, GR-SXM535U, GR-SXM535US, GR-SXM540, GR-SXM540U, GR-SXM540US, GR-SXM730, GR-SXM730U, GR-SXM730US, GR-SXM735, GR-SXM735U, GR-SXM735US, GR-SXM740, GR-SXM740U, GR-SXM740US, GR-SXM745, GR-SXM745U, GR-SXM745US, GR-SXM750, GR-SXM750U, GR-SXM750US, GR-SXM755, GR-SXM755U, GR-SXM755US, GR-SXM930, GR-SXM930U, GR-SXM930US

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

AP-V10, AP-V10ED, AP-V10U, AP-V11, AP-V11U, AP-V12, AP-V12U, AP-V13, AP-V13U, LY20739-001A, LY20739-001B, LY20739-002A, LY20739-002B, LY20739-002C, LY20739-003A, LY20739-003B, LY20848-001A, LY20848-001B, LY20848-002B, LY20848-003A, LY20968-001A, LY20968-001B, LY20968-002B Included UK, Euro, USA and AU/NZ Plugs

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