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2x AC/DC Battery Charger for Sharp BT-H21U BT-H22U BT-H32 BT-H42 DR-9 PR-022 SBT-22 and many more!
2 Battery Charger BT-H21U BT-H22U Combo
Brand New ACDC Battery Charger for Sharp BT-H21 to externally charge batteries

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Product Code: AS-CHSHARPBTH22_CH22-1

Description Technical Specs

2x AC/DC Battery Chargers for BT-H21U BT-H22U BT-H32 BT-H42 Charger

Externally charges batteries from these models:

Sharp VL-A10
Sharp VL-A10E
Sharp VL-A10H
Sharp VL-A10U
Sharp VL-A110U
Sharp VL-A111
Sharp VL-A111H
Sharp VL-A111S
Sharp VL-A111U
Sharp VL-A40U
Sharp VL-A45U
Sharp VL-AD200U
Sharp VL-AH130U
Sharp VL-AH131
Sharp VL-AH131H
Sharp VL-AH131U
Sharp VL-AH1500
Sharp VL-AH150U
Sharp VL-AH151
Sharp VL-AH1510
Sharp VL-AH151H
Sharp VL-AH151U
Sharp VL-AH160U
Sharp VL-AH161U
Sharp VL-AH30
Sharp VL-AH30H
Sharp VL-AH30U
Sharp VL-AH50
Sharp VL-AH500U
Sharp VL-AH50E
Sharp VL-AH50H
Sharp VL-AH50U
Sharp VL-AH60U
Sharp VL-DC3
Sharp VL-E307
Sharp VL-E33U
Sharp VL-E34
Sharp VL-E34H
Sharp VL-E34U
Sharp VL-E37
Sharp VL-E37U
Sharp VL-E39
Sharp VL-E39U
Sharp VL-E420H
Sharp VL-E43U
Sharp VL-E46U
Sharp VL-E47
Sharp VL-E47H
Sharp VL-E47U
Sharp VL-E49
Sharp VL-E49U
Sharp VL-E5000U
Sharp VL-E6000U
Sharp VL-E600U
Sharp VL-E610
Sharp VL-E610H
Sharp VL-E610U
Sharp VL-E620
Sharp VL-E620U
Sharp VL-E630
Sharp VL-E630H
Sharp VL-E630U
Sharp VL-E650U
Sharp VL-E66
Sharp VL-E660
Sharp VL-E660U
Sharp VL-E665U
Sharp VL-E66H
Sharp VL-E66U
Sharp VL-E680
Sharp VL-E680H
Sharp VL-E680U
Sharp VL-E685U
Sharp VL-E700U
Sharp VL-E720
Sharp VL-E720H
Sharp VL-E720U
Sharp VL-E750U
Sharp VL-E760
Sharp VL-E760H
Sharp VL-E760U
Sharp VL-E765U
Sharp VL-E77U
Sharp VL-E780
Sharp VL-E780H
Sharp VL-E780U
Sharp VL-E785U
Sharp VL-E800
Sharp VL-E850
Sharp VL-E950E
Sharp VL-E96
Sharp VL-E96E
Sharp VL-E980E
Sharp VL-E98E
Sharp VL-H420
Sharp VL-H770
Sharp VL-H770H
Sharp VL-H800U
Sharp VL-H850
Sharp VL-H850U
Sharp VL-L65U
Sharp VL-S1H
Sharp VL-SD20U
Sharp VL-SE10
Sharp VL-SE10H
Sharp VL-SE10U
Sharp VL-SE20U
Sharp VL-SE50U
Sharp VL-SW50
Sharp VL-SW50E
Sharp VL-SW50U
Sharp VL-SW980
Sharp VL A10
Sharp VL A10E
Sharp VL A10H
Sharp VL A10U
Sharp VL A110U
Sharp VL A111
Sharp VL A111H
Sharp VL A111S
Sharp VL A111U
Sharp VL A40U
Sharp VL A45U
Sharp VL AD200U
Sharp VL AH130U
Sharp VL AH131
Sharp VL AH131H
Sharp VL AH131U
Sharp VL AH1500
Sharp VL AH150U
Sharp VL AH151
Sharp VL AH1510
Sharp VL AH151H
Sharp VL AH151U
Sharp VL AH160U
Sharp VL AH161U
Sharp VL AH30
Sharp VL AH30H
Sharp VL AH30U
Sharp VL AH50
Sharp VL AH500U
Sharp VL AH50E
Sharp VL AH50H
Sharp VL AH50U
Sharp VL AH60U
Sharp VL DC3
Sharp VL E307
Sharp VL E33U
Sharp VL E34
Sharp VL E34H
Sharp VL E34U
Sharp VL E37
Sharp VL E37U
Sharp VL E39
Sharp VL E39U
Sharp VL E420H
Sharp VL E43U
Sharp VL E46U
Sharp VL E47
Sharp VL E47H
Sharp VL E47U
Sharp VL E49
Sharp VL E49U
Sharp VL E5000U
Sharp VL E6000U
Sharp VL E600U
Sharp VL E610
Sharp VL E610H
Sharp VL E610U
Sharp VL E620
Sharp VL E620U
Sharp VL E630
Sharp VL E630H
Sharp VL E630U
Sharp VL E650U
Sharp VL E66
Sharp VL E660
Sharp VL E660U
Sharp VL E665U
Sharp VL E66H
Sharp VL E66U
Sharp VL E680
Sharp VL E680H
Sharp VL E680U
Sharp VL E685U
Sharp VL E700U
Sharp VL E720
Sharp VL E720H
Sharp VL E720U
Sharp VL E750U
Sharp VL E760
Sharp VL E760H
Sharp VL E760U
Sharp VL E765U
Sharp VL E77U
Sharp VL E780
Sharp VL E780H
Sharp VL E780U
Sharp VL E785U
Sharp VL E800
Sharp VL E850
Sharp VL E950E
Sharp VL E96
Sharp VL E96E
Sharp VL E980E
Sharp VL E98E
Sharp VL H420
Sharp VL H770
Sharp VL H770H
Sharp VL H800U
Sharp VL H850
Sharp VL H850U
Sharp VL L65U
Sharp VL S1H
Sharp VL SD20U
Sharp VL SE10
Sharp VL SE10H
Sharp VL SE10U
Sharp VL SE20U
Sharp VL SE50U
Sharp VL SW50
Sharp VL SW50E
Sharp VL SW50U
Sharp VL SW980

Compatible with battery part numbers:

Sharp BT-H21
Sharp BT-H21U
Sharp BT-H22
Sharp BT-H22U
Sharp BT-H32
Sharp BT-H42
Sharp CM6136-M
Sharp DR-9
Sharp HS-C22U
Sharp NMH1U
Sharp PR-022
Sharp PR-022H
Sharp RV-4007T
Sharp SBT-22
Sharp VSH004
Sharp VSH-H22U
Sharp BT H21
Sharp BT H21U
Sharp BT H22
Sharp BT H22U
Sharp BT H32
Sharp BT H42
Sharp CM6136 M
Sharp DR 9
Sharp HS C22U
Sharp NMH1U
Sharp PR 022
Sharp PR 022H
Sharp RV 4007T
Sharp SBT 22
Sharp VSH004
Sharp VSH H22U

Again and Again CH-022
APS BC1050
Battery-Biz B-990
BatteryValues B-990
DSMiller B-990
Duracell DR7
Duracell DR7RES
Duracell DR9
Empire BNH-164
Empire BNH-164-2.5
Empire BNH16425
Empire EPP-164-1.7
Empire Scientific BNH16425
Energizer CM-6136
Energizer CM-6136M
FIC BNH16425
GP VR152
Hahnel HN-H22
Helios HS-C22U
Hi-Capacity B-990
IDP PR-022
Lenmar NMH22U
Maxell B-990
Maxell M3625
Maxell M3625CL
Maxell M3625VP8
Maxell M3640
Mr.Battery 130-SP013-10-0
Optex NMH86
Polaroid B-990
Polaroid PR-022
Polaroid PRO-22H
Rayovac RV3007
Rayovac RV-3007
Rayovac RV3010
Rayovac RV4007
Rayovac RV4007T
Rayovac RV-4007T
US Power BCD1135
Varta V221

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