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Battery for Canon BP-945 G10 XL1 XL XL1S XL2 XL-2
Canon BP-945 Battery G10 XL1 XL XL1S XL2 XL-2
Battery for Canon BP-945 includes everything shown here.

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This Canon BP-945 Battery is a rechargeable Li-ion replacement battery which is compatible the Canon G10, XL1, XL, XL1S, XL2 and many other video camera and camcorder models listed below. You may also be interested in the compatible high-capacity Canon BP-970G Battery or the Canon BP-945 Battery Charger. More info on our batteries at: Batteries: Your Questions Answered
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Description Technical Specs

Battery for Canon BP-945 G10 XL1 XL XL1S XL2 XL-2

Compatible with the following devices

Canon C2
Canon DM-MV1
Canon DM-MV10
Canon DM-XL2
Canon DM-XM2
Canon E1
Canon E2
Canon E30
Canon E65AS
Canon ES300V
Canon ES-300V
Canon ES4000
Canon ES-4000
Canon ES410V
Canon ES-410V
Canon ES420V
Canon ES-420v
Canon Es50
Canon ES-50
Canon ES5000
Canon ES-5000
Canon ES-520A
Canon ES55
Canon ES-55
Canon ES60
Canon ES-60
Canon ES6000
Canon ES-6000
Canon ES65
Canon ES-65
Canon ES6500
Canon ES-6500
Canon ES6500V
Canon ES-6500V
Canon ES-7000ES
Canon ES7000V
Canon ES-7000V
Canon ES75
Canon ES-75
Canon ES8000
Canon ES-8000
Canon ES8000V
Canon ES-8000V
Canon ES-8100
Canon ES8100 H18
Canon ES-8100 H18
Canon ES8100H18
Canon ES-8100H18
Canon ES8100V
Canon ES-8100V
Canon ES8200V
Canon ES-8200V
Canon ES8400V
Canon ES-8400V
Canon ES8600
Canon ES-8600
Canon ES-8600V
Canon FV1
Canon FV500
Canon G10
Canon G1000
Canon G-1000
Canon G10Hi
Canon G-10HI
Canon G1500
Canon G-1500
Canon G15Hi
Canon G2000
Canon G20Hi
Canon G30hi
Canon G-30Hi
Canon G35Hi
Canon G45Hi
Canon G-45Hi
Canon G-65Hi
Canon G-75Hi
Canon GL1
Canon GL-1
Canon GL2
Canon GL-2
Canon GL2 (MINIDV)
Canon MV1
Canon MV10
Canon MV100
Canon MV10i
Canon MV20
Canon MV200
Canon MV200i
Canon MV20i
Canon Optura P1
Canon Optura Pi
Canon UC-V10
Canon UC-V100
Canon UC-V10HI
Canon UC-V20
Canon UC-V200
Canon UC-V20HI
Canon UC-V30
Canon UC-V300
Canon UC-V30HI
Canon UC-X1HI
Canon UCX-2
Canon UC-X2
Canon UC-X20Hi
Canon UC-X2HI
Canon UC-X30HI
Canon UC-X40HI
Canon UC-X45HI
Canon UC-X50
Canon UC-X50 hi
Canon UC-X50HI
Canon UC-X55
Canon UC-X55HI
Canon V40
Canon V-40
Canon V400
Canon V-400
Canon V40Hi
Canon V-40HI
Canon V420
Canon V-420
Canon V500
Canon V50Hi
Canon V520
Canon V60Hi
Canon V65Hi
Canon V72
Canon V75Hi
Canon XL
Canon XL H1
Canon XL H1A
Canon XL H1S
Canon XL1
Canon XL-1
Canon XL1 (with GOLD MOUNT)
Canon XL1S
Canon XL-1S
Canon XL1S (with GOLD MOUNT)
Canon XL2
Canon XL-2
Canon XL2 Body Kit
Canon XL2 BodyKit
Canon XLH1
Canon XL-H1
Canon XL-H1A
Canon XL-H1S
Canon XM1
Canon XM2
Canon XV1
Canon XV2

Compatible with Part Numbers

Canon BP-911
Canon BP-914
Canon BP-915
Canon BP-924
Canon BP-927
Canon BP-930
Canon BP-941
Canon BP-945
Canon BP-911K
Canon BP-930E
Canon BP-930R
Canon BP911
Canon BP914
Canon BP915
Canon BP924
Canon BP927
Canon BP929
Canon BP-929
Canon BP930
Canon BP941
Canon BP945
Canon 0972B002
Canon BL-3718-75844
Canon BTI-CN941
Canon D850862201
Canon D850972201
Canon HS-C941
Canon VCN003
Canon VCN003S
Battery-Biz B-9534
BatteryValues B-9534
DSMiller B-9534
DTI Electronics DTL-941C
Duracell DR2
Duracell DRC915
Duracell DRC941
Duracell DRC941RES
Hahnel HL-945
Hama 46359
Hama CP-359
Hi-Capacity B-9534
Lenmar LIC941
Maxell M7220
Mr.Battery 130-CA016-10-0
Polaroid PR-610
Polaroid PR-610L
Power2000 ACD-731
Sakar BP-941CL
US Power BCD1025

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