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AC Adapter for Samsung AD-6019V N150 NC10 N130 Q1
Samsung AD-6019V AC Power Adapter
AC Power Adapter for Samsung AD-6019V includes the adapter and detachable extension cord shown here.

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The Samsung AD-6019V AC Power Adapter supplies DC power for the Samsung N150, NC10, and N130 netbooks as well as many other Samsung, Gateway, MetroBook, and MPC laptop models listed below. This adapter is also compatible with many other AC adapter models including the AD-4019, AD-6019 and AD-6519. More info on this adapter at: AC Power Adapters Explained
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Product Code: ACSAMSUNGAD6019V_SAM1

Description Technical Specs

AC Adapter for Samsung AD-6019V N150 NC10 N130 Q1

Compatible with the following devices

Gateway SOLO 200
Gateway SOLO 200ARC
Gateway SOLO 200E
Gateway SOLO 200X
Gateway Solo Series
MetroBook LT
MetroBook MPC Series
MetroBook VL
(Formerly MicronPC)
MPC TransPort GX
MPC TransPort GX series
MPC TransPort GX+
MPC TransPort GX2
MPC TransPort GX3
MPC TransPort LT
MPC TransPort VX
MPC TransPort XT
MPC TransPort XT2
MPC TransPort ZX
Samsung A10
Samsung A10 DXT
Samsung A10 XTC
Samsung Aquila
Samsung Aquila C
Samsung Aquila Corona
Samsung Aquila GS6000
Samsung GT6000
Samsung GT6330
Samsung GT6330XT
Samsung GT6360
Samsung GT6360XT
Samsung GT6400
Samsung GT6400XV
Samsung GT7000
Samsung GT745
Samsung GT7600
Samsung GT7700
Samsung GT7700XT
Samsung GT8000
Samsung GT8100
Samsung GT8100KXV
Samsung GT8600
Samsung GT8650
Samsung GT8650XT
Samsung GT8700
Samsung GT8700XT
Samsung GT8750
Samsung GT8750XT
Samsung GT8750XV
Samsung GT8800
Samsung GT8800DXV
Samsung GT8800XT
Samsung GT8800XV
Samsung GT8800XVD
Samsung GT8850XT
Samsung GT8850XTD
Samsung GT8900
Samsung GT8900DXV
Samsung GT8910
Samsung GT8910KXV
Samsung GT9000
Samsung GT9120
Samsung M40
Samsung M40 plus
Samsung N110
Samsung N120
Samsung N130
Samsung N135
Samsung N140
Samsung N150
Samsung N310
Samsung N510
Samsung NC10
Samsung NC20
Samsung ND10
Samsung ND20
Samsung P27
Samsung P28
Samsung P28G
Samsung P29
Samsung P30
Samsung P35
Samsung P40
Samsung Q1
Samsung Q10
Samsung Q20
Samsung Q25
Samsung Q30
Samsung Q30 plus
Samsung Q35
Samsung Q40
Samsung Q40 Pro U1400 Silver
Samsung Q40 XIP 1400
Samsung Q45R39
Samsung R39-DY04
Samsung R39-DY06
Samsung R40
Samsung R40 XIC 2050
Samsung R40 XIP 2050
Samsung R40 XIP 2055
Samsung R40 XIP 2250
Samsung R40 XIP 2255
Samsung R40 XIP 5500
Samsung R40 XIP 5510
Samsung R40-EL1
Samsung R40-K003
Samsung R40-K005
Samsung R40-K006
Samsung R40-K007
Samsung R40-K008
Samsung R40-K009
Samsung R40-K00A
Samsung R40-K00D
Samsung R40-K00E
Samsung R40-K00F
Samsung R40-T2300
Samsung R40-T2300 Caosee
Samsung R45
Samsung R45 Pro 1730 Bizzlay
Samsung R45 Pro C1600 Buliena
Samsung R45 Pro Series
Samsung R45 Pro T5500 Bernie
Samsung R45-1730 Cutama
Samsung R45-C1500 Cerona
Samsung R45-K0
Samsung R45-K004
Samsung R45-K005
Samsung R45-K006
Samsung R45-K007
Samsung R45-K00D
Samsung R45-K02
Samsung R50
Samsung R50 WEH 750
Samsung R50 WVM 1730
Samsung R50 WVM 1730 II
Samsung R50 WVM 1730 III
Samsung R50 WVM 1860
Samsung R50 XEH 743
Samsung R50 XEH 745
Samsung R50 XIH 741
Samsung R50 XWM 740
Samsung R50 XWM 742
Samsung R50 XWM 750
Samsung R50-001
Samsung R50-2000
Samsung R50-CV04
Samsung R50-CV05
Samsung R50-CV06
Samsung R50-V01
Samsung R50-V02
Samsung R51
Samsung Sens 500
Samsung Sens 630
Samsung Sens 690
Samsung Sens 700
Samsung Sens 800
Samsung Sens 810
Samsung Sens 820
Samsung Sens 830
Samsung Sens 900
Samsung Sens 950
Samsung Sens Pro 500
Samsung Sens pro 500 Series (dumb)
Samsung Sens pro 500 Series (smart)
Samsung Sens Pro 505
Samsung Sens Pro 520
Samsung Sens Pro 521
Samsung Sens Pro 522
Samsung Sens Pro 523
Samsung Sens Pro 524
Samsung Sens Pro 525
Samsung Sens pro 525 (dumb)
Samsung Sens pro 525 (smart)
Samsung Sens Pro 630
Samsung Sens Pro 680
Samsung Sens Pro 850
Samsung Sens V10
Samsung SN6000
Samsung VM6000
Samsung VM6300
Samsung VM6300CT
Samsung VM7000
Samsung VM7500CT
Samsung VM7550
Samsung VM7550CT
Samsung VM7600CT
Samsung VM7600XT
Samsung VM7650
Samsung VM7650CT
Samsung VM7650CXT
Samsung VM7650CXTD
Samsung VM7650XT
Samsung VM7700
Samsung VM7700XTD
Samsung VM8000
Samsung VM8080
Samsung VM8080CT
Samsung VM8080CXT
Samsung VM8090
Samsung VM8090CT
Samsung VM8090CXTD
Samsung VM8095
Samsung VM8100
Samsung VM8100CX
Samsung VM8100KXTD
Samsung VM8110XTC
Samsung X05
Samsung X05 Plus
Samsung X05 XTC 1400
Samsung X05 XTC 1400 II
Samsung X05 XTC 1400C
Samsung X05 XTM 1600
Samsung X05-000
Samsung X05-001
Samsung X05-0VU
Samsung X05-402
Samsung X05-FU2
Samsung X05-GKO
Samsung X05-L10
Samsung X05-W06
Samsung X06
Samsung X1
Samsung X11
Samsung X15
Samsung X15 plus
Samsung X30

Compatible with AC Adapter Part Numbers

Samsung AD-4019
Samsung AD-6019
Samsung AD-6019A
Samsung AD-6019(A)
Samsung AD-6019V
Samsung AD-6519
Samsung ADP-60ZH A
Samsung AD4019
Samsung AD6019
Samsung AD6019A
Samsung AD6019(A)

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