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ACDC Battery Charger Panasonic CGR-D120 AG-HVX200P
Panasonic CGR-D120 Battery Charger
ACDC Battery Charger for Panasonic CGR-D120 to externally charge batteries. Includes DC plug for use in vehicles.

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Product Code: CHPANACGRDXX-BPC-802-05

Description Technical Specs

ACDC Battery Charger Panasonic CGR-D120 AG-HVX200P

Externally charges battery part numbers

Hitachi CGA-D08A
Hitachi CGA-D16A
Hitachi CGA-D28A
Hitachi CGP-D08A
Hitachi CGP-D120
Hitachi CGP-D16A
Hitachi CGP-D210
Hitachi CGP-D220
Hitachi CGP-D28/A
Hitachi CGP-D28A
Hitachi CGP-D320
Hitachi DZ-BP14
Hitachi DZ-BP16
Hitachi DZ-BP28
Panasonic CGA-D07S
Panasonic CGA-D08S
Panasonic CGA-D54
Panasonic CGA-D54SE/1B
Panasonic CGP-D110
Panasonic CGP-D14
Panasonic CGP-D14S
Panasonic CGP-D210
Panasonic CGP-D28
Panasonic CGP-D28A/1B
Panasonic CGP-D28S
Panasonic CGP-D28SE/1B
Panasonic CGP-D320
Panasonic CGP-D320T1B
Panasonic CGR-D08
Panasonic CGR-D08A
Panasonic CGR-D08A/1B
Panasonic CGR-D08R
Panasonic CGR-D08S
Panasonic CGR-D08SE/1B
Panasonic CGR-D120
Panasonic CGR-D120E/1B
Panasonic CGR-D120T
Panasonic CGR-D14
Panasonic CGR-D14S
Panasonic CGR-D16
Panasonic CGR-D16A
Panasonic CGR-D16A/1B
Panasonic CGR-D16S
Panasonic CGR-D16SE/1B
Panasonic CGR-D210
Panasonic CGR-D220
Panasonic CGR-D220A
Panasonic CGR-D220A/1B
Panasonic CGR-D220E/1B
Panasonic CGR-D28A/1B
Panasonic CGR-D28A/P
Panasonic CGR-D28S
Panasonic CGR-D320
Panasonic CGR-D320A/1B
Panasonic CGR-D320E/1B
Panasonic CGR-D54
Panasonic VBS0419
Panasonic VSB0418
Panasonic VSB0419
Panasonic VW-VBD21
Panasonic VW-VBD22
Panasonic VW-VBD25
Panasonic VW-VBD33
Panasonic VW-VBD35
Panasonic VW-VBD40

Externally charges batteries in the following devices

Hitachi DZ-MV100
Hitachi DZ-MV100A
Hitachi DZ-MV100E
Hitachi DZ-MV200
Hitachi DZ-MV200A
Hitachi DZ-MV200E
Hitachi DZ-MV208E
Hitachi DZ-MV230
Hitachi DZ-MV230A
Hitachi DZ-MV230E
Hitachi DZ-MV238E
Hitachi DZ-MV250
Hitachi DZ-MV270
Hitachi DZ-MV270A
Hitachi DZ-MV270E
Hitachi PV-GS9
Panasonic AG-DV1DC
Panasonic AG-DVC15
Panasonic AG-DVC30
Panasonic AG-DVC32
Panasonic AG-DVC60
Panasonic AG-DVC60E
Panasonic AG-DVC62
Panasonic AG-DVC7
Panasonic AG-DVC7P
Panasonic AG-DVC80
Panasonic AG-DVX100
Panasonic AG-DVX1000
Panasonic AG-DVX100A
Panasonic AG-DVX100AE
Panasonic AG-DVX100AP
Panasonic AG-DVX100B
Panasonic AG-DVX100BE
Panasonic AG-DVX100BP
Panasonic AG-DVX102A
Panasonic AG-DVX102B
Panasonic AG-EZ50U
Panasonic AG-HVX200
Panasonic AG-HVX200P
Panasonic AJ-PCS060G
Panasonic DZ-MV200A
Panasonic DZ-MV200E
Panasonic DZ-MV208E
Panasonic DZ-MV230A
Panasonic DZ-MV230E
Panasonic DZ-MV250
Panasonic DZ-MV270A
Panasonic DZ-MV270E
Panasonic DZ-MX5000
Panasonic NV-C1
Panasonic NV-C2
Panasonic NV-C3
Panasonic NV-C5
Panasonic NV-C7
Panasonic NV-D89
Panasonic NV-DA1
Panasonic NV-DA1B
Panasonic NV-DA1EG
Panasonic NV-DA1EN
Panasonic NV-DA1ENA
Panasonic NV-DB1
Panasonic NV-DS11
Panasonic NV-DS11EN
Panasonic NV-DS11ENA
Panasonic NV-DS11ENC
Panasonic NV-DS12
Panasonic NV-DS12B
Panasonic NV-DS12EG
Panasonic NV-DS15
Panasonic NV-DS150
Panasonic NV-DS150B
Panasonic NV-DS15A
Panasonic NV-DS15B
Panasonic NV-DS15EG
Panasonic NV-DS15EN
Panasonic NV-DS15ENC
Panasonic NV-DS200
Panasonic NV-DS25
Panasonic NV-DS25A
Panasonic NV-DS25EG
Panasonic NV-DS25EN
Panasonic NV-DS27
Panasonic NV-DS27B
Panasonic NV-DS28
Panasonic NV-DS28A
Panasonic NV-DS28B
Panasonic NV-DS29
Panasonic NV-DS29EG
Panasonic NV-DS3
Panasonic NV-DS30
Panasonic NV-DS30A
Panasonic NV-DS30EG
Panasonic NV-DS33
Panasonic NV-DS33EN
Panasonic NV-DS35
Panasonic NV-DS37
Panasonic NV-DS37B
Panasonic NV-DS38
Panasonic NV-DS38A
Panasonic NV-DS38B
Panasonic NV-DS38EG
Panasonic NV-DS50
Panasonic NV-DS50A
Panasonic NV-DS55
Panasonic NV-DS60
Panasonic NV-DS60A
Panasonic NV-DS60EG
Panasonic NV-DS60EG-S
Panasonic NV-DS65
Panasonic NV-DS65A
Panasonic NV-DS65A-S
Panasonic NV-DS65B
Panasonic NV-DS65EG
Panasonic NV-DS68
Panasonic NV-DS68EG
Panasonic NV-DS7
Panasonic NV-DS7/NW
Panasonic NV-DS77
Panasonic NV-DS77B
Panasonic NV-DS77EG
Panasonic NV-DS77EN
Panasonic NV-DS77ENA
Panasonic NV-DS8
Panasonic NV-DS80K
Panasonic NV-DS88
Panasonic NV-DS88A
Panasonic NV-DS88EG
Panasonic NV-DS88K
Panasonic NV-DS89
Panasonic NV-DS89EG
Panasonic NV-DS8EG
Panasonic NV-DS9
Panasonic NV-DS99
Panasonic NV-DS990
Panasonic NV-DS990EG
Panasonic NV-DS99EN
Panasonic NV-DS99ENA
Panasonic NV-EX1
Panasonic NV-EX1B
Panasonic NV-EX1EG
Panasonic NV-EX1EN
Panasonic NV-EX1ENA
Panasonic NV-EX21
Panasonic NV-EX21A
Panasonic NV-EX21EG
Panasonic NV-EX3
Panasonic NV-EX3EG
Panasonic NV-GS1
Panasonic NV-GS11
Panasonic NV-GS15
Panasonic NV-GS15EB
Panasonic NV-GS15GC-S
Panasonic NV-GS1B
Panasonic NV-GS1EG
Panasonic NV-GS3
Panasonic NV-GS33
Panasonic NV-GS3B
Panasonic NV-GS3EG
Panasonic NV-GS4
Panasonic NV-GS4B
Panasonic NV-GS4EG
Panasonic NV-GS5
Panasonic NV-GS5B
Panasonic NV-GS5EG
Panasonic NV-GS5K
Panasonic NV-GS7K
Panasonic NV-GX7
Panasonic NV-GX7EG
Panasonic NV-GX7K
Panasonic NV-M20
Panasonic NV-MD9000
Panasonic NV-MG3
Panasonic NV-MX1
Panasonic NV-MX1000
Panasonic NV-MX1B
Panasonic NV-MX2
Panasonic NV-MX2000
Panasonic NV-MX2500
Panasonic NV-MX2B
Panasonic NV-MX2EG
Panasonic NV-MX300
Panasonic NV-MX3000
Panasonic NV-MX300A
Panasonic NV-MX300EG
Panasonic NV-MX300EN
Panasonic NV-MX340
Panasonic NV-MX350
Panasonic NV-MX350A
Panasonic NV-MX350EG
Panasonic NV-MX3A
Panasonic NV-MX3EN
Panasonic NV-MX5
Panasonic NV-MX500
Panasonic NV-MX5000
Panasonic NV-MX500B
Panasonic NV-MX500EG
Panasonic NV-MX5B
Panasonic NV-MX7
Panasonic NV-MX7A
Panasonic NV-MX7B
Panasonic NV-MX7DEN
Panasonic NV-MX8
Panasonic NV-MX8B
Panasonic NV-RX22EG
Panasonic NV-RX33EG
Panasonic NV-RX66EG
Panasonic Portable Hard Disk Unit
Panasonic PV-BP8
Panasonic PV-D401
Panasonic PV-DBP8
Panasonic PV-DBP8A
Panasonic PV-DC152
Panasonic PV-DC252
Panasonic PV-DC352
Panasonic PV-DV100
Panasonic PV-DV100K
Panasonic PV-DV101
Panasonic PV-DV102
Panasonic PV-DV102D
Panasonic PV-DV103
Panasonic PV-DV121
Panasonic PV-DV151
Panasonic PV-DV200
Panasonic PV-DV200K
Panasonic PV-DV201
Panasonic PV-DV201-K
Panasonic PV-DV202
Panasonic PV-DV203
Panasonic PV-DV221
Panasonic PV-DV351
Panasonic PV-DV400
Panasonic PV-DV400K
Panasonic PV-DV401
Panasonic PV-DV402
Panasonic PV-DV51
Panasonic PV-DV52
Panasonic PV-DV53
Panasonic PV-DV600
Panasonic PV-DV600K
Panasonic PV-DV601
Panasonic PV-DV601D
Panasonic PV-DV602
Panasonic PV-DV700
Panasonic PV-DV701
Panasonic PV-DV702
Panasonic PV-DV702K
Panasonic PV-DV710
Panasonic PV-DV73
Panasonic PV-DV800
Panasonic PV-DV800K
Panasonic PV-DV801
Panasonic PV-DV851
Panasonic PV-DV851D
Panasonic PV-DV852
Panasonic PV-DV900
Panasonic PV-DV901
Panasonic PV-DV910
Panasonic PV-DV951
Panasonic PV-DV952
Panasonic PV-DV953
Panasonic PV-DVP8-A
Panasonic PV-GS11
Panasonic PV-GS12
Panasonic PV-GS13
Panasonic PV-GS14
Panasonic PV-GS15
Panasonic PV-GS2
Panasonic PV-GS9
Panasonic PV-VM202
Panasonic VDR-M10
Panasonic VDR-M20

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