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AC/DC Battery Charger for Sharp BT-L221U VL-SD20
Sharp BT-L221U Battery Charger
AC/DC Battery Charger for Sharp BT-L221U to externally charge batteries. Includes DC plug for use in vehicles.

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Description Technical Specs

AC/DC Battery Charger for Sharp BT-L221U VL-SD20

Compatible with battery part numbers:

Sharp BT-L221
Sharp BT-L221U
Sharp BT-L241
Sharp BT-L241U
Sharp BT-L441
Sharp BT-L441U
Sharp VR-BLF20
Sharp VR-BLF21
Sharp RCA CC-9390
Sharp BT L221
Sharp BT L221U
Sharp BT L241
Sharp BT L241U
Sharp BT L441
Sharp BT L441U
Sharp VR BLF20
Sharp VR BLF21
RCA CC 9390

Externally charges batteries from these models:

Sharp VL-DX10
Sharp VL-EX3
Sharp VL-G1K
Sharp VL-G870
Sharp VL-MR1
Sharp VL-MS1
Sharp VL-MX1
Sharp VL-R3K
Sharp VL DX10
Sharp VL EX3
Sharp VL G1K
Sharp VL G870
Sharp VL MR1
Sharp VL MS1
Sharp VL MX1
Sharp VL R3K
Sharp VLDX10
Sharp VLEX3
Sharp VLG1K
Sharp VLG870
Sharp VLMR1
Sharp VLMS1
Sharp VLMX1
Sharp VLR3K
Sharp VL-AX1
Sharp VL-AX1E
Sharp VL-AX1H
Sharp VL-AX1S
Sharp VL-AX1U
Sharp VL AX1
Sharp VL AX1E
Sharp VL AX1H
Sharp VL AX1S
Sharp VL AX1U
Sharp VLAX1
Sharp VLAX1E
Sharp VLAX1H
Sharp VLAX1S
Sharp VLAX1U
Sharp VL-DC3
Sharp VL-DC3E
Sharp VL-DC3H
Sharp VL-DC5
Sharp VL-DC50
Sharp VL DC3
Sharp VL DC3E
Sharp VL DC3H
Sharp VL DC5
Sharp VL DC50
Sharp VLDC3
Sharp VLDC3E
Sharp VLDC3H
Sharp VLDC5
Sharp VLDC50
Sharp VL-H860
Sharp VL-H860H
Sharp VL-H860U
Sharp VL-H870
Sharp VL-H870U
Sharp VL-H875
Sharp VL-H875U
Sharp VL-H880
Sharp VL-H880U
Sharp VL-H890
Sharp VL-H890U
Sharp VL H860
Sharp VL H860H
Sharp VL H860U
Sharp VL H870
Sharp VL H870U
Sharp VL H875
Sharp VL H875U
Sharp VL H880
Sharp VL H880U
Sharp VL H890
Sharp VL H890U
Sharp VLH860
Sharp VLH860H
Sharp VLH860U
Sharp VLH870
Sharp VLH870U
Sharp VLH875
Sharp VLH875U
Sharp VLH880
Sharp VLH880U
Sharp VLH890
Sharp VLH890U
Sharp VL-H94E
Sharp VL-H96E
Sharp VL-H996
Sharp VL H94E
Sharp VL H96E
Sharp VL H996
Sharp VLH94E
Sharp VLH96E
Sharp VLH996
Sharp VL-ME10
Sharp VL-ME100
Sharp VL-ME100E
Sharp VL-ME100H
Sharp VL-ME100S
Sharp VL-ME10E
Sharp VL-ME10H
Sharp VL-ME10S
Sharp VL-ME10U
Sharp VL ME10
Sharp VL ME100
Sharp VL ME100E
Sharp VL ME100H
Sharp VL ME100S
Sharp VL ME10E
Sharp VL ME10H
Sharp VL ME10S
Sharp VL ME10U
Sharp VLME10
Sharp VLME100
Sharp VLME100E
Sharp VLME100H
Sharp VLME100S
Sharp VLME10E
Sharp VLME10H
Sharp VLME10S
Sharp VLME10U
Sharp VL-PD1S
Sharp VL-PD3
Sharp VL-PD3A
Sharp VL-PD3AE
Sharp VL-PD3AS
Sharp VL-PD3E
Sharp VL-PD3H
Sharp VL-PD3S
Sharp VL-PD3U
Sharp VL-PD5
Sharp VL-PD5S
Sharp VL-PD6
Sharp VL-PD6E
Sharp VL-PD6H
Sharp VL-PD6S
Sharp VL-PD7
Sharp VL PD1S
Sharp VL PD3
Sharp VL PD3A
Sharp VL PD3AE
Sharp VL PD3AS
Sharp VL PD3E
Sharp VL PD3H
Sharp VL PD3S
Sharp VL PD3U
Sharp VL PD5
Sharp VL PD5S
Sharp VL PD6
Sharp VL PD6E
Sharp VL PD6H
Sharp VL PD6S
Sharp VL PD7
Sharp VLPD1S
Sharp VLPD3
Sharp VLPD3A
Sharp VLPD3E
Sharp VLPD3H
Sharp VLPD3S
Sharp VLPD3U
Sharp VLPD5
Sharp VLPD5S
Sharp VLPD6
Sharp VLPD6E
Sharp VLPD6H
Sharp VLPD6S
Sharp VLPD7
Sharp VL-SD20
Sharp VL-SD20E
Sharp VL-SD20H
Sharp VL-SD20S
Sharp VL-SD20U
Sharp VL SD20
Sharp VL SD20E
Sharp VL SD20H
Sharp VL SD20S
Sharp VL SD20U
Sharp VLSD20
Sharp VLSD20E
Sharp VLSD20H
Sharp VLSD20S
Sharp VLSD20U
Sharp VL-WD250
Sharp VL-WD250E
Sharp VL-WD250H
Sharp VL-WD250S
Sharp VL-WD250U
Sharp VL-WD255U
Sharp VL-WD260U
Sharp VL-WD450
Sharp VL-WD450E
Sharp VL-WD450H
Sharp VL-WD450S
Sharp VL-WD450U
Sharp VL-WD650
Sharp VL-WD650E
Sharp VL-WD650S
Sharp VL-WD650U
Sharp VL WD250
Sharp VL WD250E
Sharp VL WD250H
Sharp VL WD250S
Sharp VL WD250U
Sharp VL WD255U
Sharp VL WD260U
Sharp VL WD450
Sharp VL WD450E
Sharp VL WD450H
Sharp VL WD450S
Sharp VL WD450U
Sharp VL WD650
Sharp VL WD650E
Sharp VL WD650S
Sharp VL WD650U
Sharp VLWD250

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