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AC Adapter for HP 463958-001 Pavilion DV6 DV7 DV4
HP AC Power Adapter 463958-001 DV6 DV7
AC Power Adapter for HP 463958-001 includes the adapter and detachable extension cord shown here.

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The HP 463958-001 AC Power Adapter provides 90W of power for a massive list of HP laptop models including the top selling Pavilion DV6, DV7, and DV4 PC series. The list of compatible models below and be overwhelming. We recommend using your Ctrl+F find feature and search for a portion of your model number. This 463958-001 adapter kit includes the adapter box as well as a detachable extension cord. More info at: AC Power Adapters Explained
Retail Price: $22.69
Our Price: $12.99
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Product Code: ACHPED495AA_HP2

Description Technical Specs

AC Adapter for HP 463958-001 Pavilion DV6 DV7 DV4

Compatible with AC Adapter Part Numbers

P Pavilion Media DVx series:
Pavilion dv3, dv3-1000, dv3-1051xx, dv3-1073cl, dv3-1075ca, dv3-1075us, dv3-1077ca, dv3-2001tu, dv3-2001tx, dv3-2002tu, dv3-2002tx, dv3-2003tu, dv3-2003tx, dv3-2004tu, dv3-2004tx, dv3-2005ee, dv3-2005tu, dv3-2005tx, dv3-2006tu, dv3-2006tx, dv3-2007ee, dv3-2007tu, dv3-2007tx, dv3-2008tu, dv3-2008tx, dv3-2009tx, dv3-2010el, dv3-2010et, dv3-2010tx, dv3-2011tx, dv3-2012tx, dv3-2013tx, dv3-2014tx, dv3-2015ee, dv3-2015tx, dv3-2016tx, dv3-2017ee, dv3-2017tx, dv3-2018tx, dv3-2019tx, dv3-2020ei, dv3-2020el, dv3-2020et, dv3-2020tx, dv3-2021tx, dv3-2022tx, dv3-2023tx, dv3-2024tx, dv3-2025ee, dv3-2025tx, dv3-2026tx, dv3-2027ee, dv3-2027tx, dv3-2028tx, dv3-2029tx, dv3-2030ef, dv3-2030ei, dv3-2030ek, dv3-2030eo, dv3-2030ez, dv3-2032tx, dv3-2033eg, dv3-2033tx, dv3-2034tx, dv3-2035tx, dv3-2050ea, dv3-2050ec, dv3-2050eo, dv3-2050ep, dv3-2050es, dv3-2050ew, dv3-2051ea, dv3-2055ea, dv3-2060ea, dv3-2060ek, dv3-2070es, dv3-2080eo, dv3-2090en, dv3-2101tx, dv3-2102tx, dv3t, dv3t-2000, dv3z, dv3z-1000, dv4, dv4-1000, dv4-1002ax, dv4-1002tu, dv4-1003tx, dv4-1008tx, dv4-1014nr, dv4-1019tx, dv4-1023tx, dv4-1024tx, dv4-1028us, dv4-1029tx, dv4-1034tx, dv4-1039tx, dv4-1044tx, dv4-1070ef, dv4-1080es, dv4-1100, dv4-1102tx, dv4-1105em, dv4-1106tx, dv4-1107tx, dv4-1111tx, dv4-1112tx, dv4-1115tx, dv4-1118tx, dv4-1121ca, dv4-1123us, dv4-1125la, dv4-1125nr, dv4-1127tx, dv4-1128tx, dv4-1131tx, dv4-1135ei, dv4-1140ek, dv4-1143go, dv4-1143tx, dv4-1145tx, dv4-1146tx, dv4-1150br, dv4-1151tx, dv4-1156tx, dv4-1161tx, dv4-1166ca, dv4-1166tx, dv4-1190br, dv4-1190ej, dv4-1199ef, dv4-1200, dv4-1200, dv4-1202tx, dv4-1204tu, dv4-1204tx, dv4-1207tu, dv4-1207tx, dv4-1210ea, dv4-1211ea, dv4-1213la, dv4-1215ef, dv4-1217la, dv4-1217tx, dv4-1221tx, dv4-1222la, dv4-1224tx, dv4-1227la, dv4-1229tx, dv4-1234tx, dv4-1235ee, dv4-1238tx, dv4-1239tx, dv4-1244tx, dv4-1250tx, dv4-1255tx, dv4-1265dx, dv4-1282cm, dv4-1287cl, dv4-1301tu, dv4-1304tu, dv4-1309tx, dv4-1315tx, dv4-1320ca, dv4-1320tx, dv4-1324tx, dv4-1325tx, dv4-1403tx, dv4-1409tx, dv4t, dv4t-1200, dv4z, dv4z-1200, dv5, dv5/CT, dv5-1000, dv5-1000ea, dv5-1000us, dv5-1001au, dv5-1001ax, dv5-1001tu, dv5-1001tx, dv5-1002au, dv5-1002ax, dv5-1002nr, dv5-1002tx, dv5-1002us, dv5-1003ax, dv5-1003cl, dv5-1003nr, dv5-1003tx, dv5-1004ax, dv5-1004nr, dv5-1004tx, dv5-1005ax, dv5-1005ef, dv5-1005eg, dv5-1005em, dv5-1005tx, dv5-1006ax, dv5-1006tx, dv5-1007ax, dv5-1007ca, dv5-1007cl, dv5-1007ef, dv5-1007tx, dv5-1008ax, dv5-1008ca, dv5-1008ea, dv5-1008tx, dv5-1009ax, dv5-1009ea, dv5-1009tx, dv5-1010ea, dv5-1010ef, dv5-1010eg, dv5-1010et, dv5-1010tx, dv5-1010us, dv5-1011ea, dv5-1011tx, dv5-1012ea, dv5-1012tx, dv5-1013tx, dv5-1014tx, dv5-1015ea, dv5-1015nr, dv5-1015tx, dv5-1016tx, dv5-1017nr, dv5-1017tx, dv5-1018tx, dv5-1019tx, dv5-1020ef, dv5-1020ef, dv5-1020el, dv5-1020et, dv5-1020tx, dv5-1021tx, dv5-1022el, dv5-1022la, dv5-1022tx, dv5-1023tx, dv5-1024el, dv5-1024tx, dv5-1025tx, dv5-1025tx, dv5-1026tx, dv5-1027tx, dv5-1028ca, dv5-1028tx, dv5-1029tx, dv5-1030ef, dv5-1030el, dv5-1030ep, dv5-1030es, dv5-1030tx, dv5-1031tx, dv5-1032el, dv5-1032tx, dv5-1033tx, dv5-1033tx, dv5-1034ca, dv5-1034el, dv5-1034tx, dv5-1035tx, dv5-1036tx, dv5-1037tx, dv5-1038tx, dv5-1039tx, dv5-1040ec, dv5-1040ee, dv5-1040eg, dv5-1040eh, dv5-1040ep, dv5-1040er, dv5-1040et, dv5-1040ew, dv5-1040ez, dv5-1040tx, dv5-1041tx, dv5-1042tx, dv5-1043tx, dv5-1044ca, dv5-1044tx, dv5-1045tx, dv5-1045tx, dv5-1046tx, dv5-1048er, dv5-1050ei, dv5-1050ek, dv5-1050er, dv5-1050es, dv5-1060ec, dv5-1060ee, dv5-1060ew, dv5-1070ec, dv5-1070ee, dv5-1070er, dv5-1070es, dv5-1070ew, dv5-1080eh, dv5-1080ei, dv5-1080el, dv5-1087eo, dv5-1090es, dv5-1093xx, dv5-1094eo, dv5-1094xx, dv5-1095eo, dv5-1096xx, dv5-1098xx, dv5-1099xx, dv5-1100, dv5-1102et, dv5-1103el, dv5-1104el, dv5-1107el, dv5-1108em, dv5-1110ea, dv5-1110ej, dv5-1112ea, dv5-1113el, dv5-1114el, dv5-1116ez, dv5-1117tx, dv5-1119eg, dv5-1120, dv5-1120eg, dv5-1120us, dv5-1121, dv5-1121ca, dv5-1121en, dv5-1123ef, dv5-1124, dv5-1124ca, dv5-1124ez, dv5-1125, dv5-1125nr, dv5-1127, dv5-1127cl, dv5-1128, dv5-1128ca, dv5-1128eo, dv5-1130ed, dv5-1130en, dv5-1133la, dv5-1135ei, dv5-1137la, dv5-1140br, dv5-1140es, dv5-1141en, dv5-1143la, dv5-1145ev, dv5-1153ei, dv5-1155eg, dv5-1157eg, dv5-1160ew, dv5-1165ep, dv5-1170el, dv5-1170ew, dv5-1190eg, dv5-1191eg, dv5-1196xx, dv5-1199ef, dv5-1199ez, dv5-1200 CTO, dv5-1201ax, dv5-1202tu, dv5-1203em, dv5-1205tu, dv5-1207au, dv5-1207tx, dv5-1210en, dv5-1210ew, dv5-1211tx, dv5-1212tx, dv5-1215et, dv5-1217el, dv5-1220eb, dv5-1220et, dv5-1225, dv5-1225ca, dv5-1225tx, dv5-1230ec, dv5-1230tx, dv5-1240et, dv5-1247la, dv5-1250, dv5-1250eq, dv5-1250us, dv5-1251, dv5-1251nr, dv5-1260et, dv5-1270en, dv5-1290eg, dv5-1299ej, dv5t, dv5t-1000, dv5z, dv5z-1000, dv6, dv6-1000eg, dv6-1000et, dv6-1001tx, dv6-1001xx, dv6-1002tx, dv6-1003tx, dv6-1003tx, dv6-1004tx, dv6-1005ea, dv6-1005ez, dv6-1005tx, dv6-1006tx, dv6-1007tx, dv6-1007tx, dv6-1008tx, dv6-1008tx, dv6-1009el, dv6-1009tx, dv6-1010ea, dv6-1010ed, dv6-1010ef, dv6-1010et, dv6-1010tx, dv6-1011tx, dv6-1012tx, dv6-1013ea, dv6-1013tx, dv6-1016ez, dv6-1018el, dv6-1020ec, dv6-1020ed, dv6-1020ei, dv6-1020ej, dv6-1020ek, dv6-1020el, dv6-1020eq, dv6-1020et, dv6-1021el, dv6-1022el, dv6-1023ef, dv6-1023em, dv6-1025ef, dv6-1025ei, dv6-1025em, dv6-1025ez, dv6-1027ef, dv6-1030ca, dv6-1030ec, dv6-1030ed, dv6-1030ef, dv6-1030em, dv6-1030eo, dv6-1030eq, dv6-1030us, dv6-1036us, dv6-1038ca, dv6-1040eb, dv6-1040ed, dv6-1040ei, dv6-1040ej, dv6-1040ek, dv6-1040el, dv6-1040ev, dv6-1040ez, dv6-1042el, dv6-1044el, dv6-1045ee, dv6-1045ei, dv6-1045eo, dv6-1045ez, dv6-1046el, dv6-1050ef, dv6-1050ei, dv6-1050en, dv6-1050eo, dv6-1050ep, dv6-1050et, dv6-1050us, dv6-1053cl, dv6-1055ee, dv6-1056el, dv6-1058el, dv6-1060ek, dv6-1060el, dv6-1060eo, dv6-1060es, dv6-1060ev, dv6-1062el, dv6-1066el, dv6-1068el, dv6-1070eo, dv6-1080el, dv6-1080eq, dv6-1080es, dv6-1090eo, dv6-1090es, dv6-1099ef, dv6-1100, dv6-1100eo, dv6-1100es, dv6-1100so, dv6-1100ss, dv6-1100sv, dv6-1101au, dv6-1101ax, dv6-1101so, dv6-1101tu, dv6-1101tx, dv6-1102au, dv6-1102ax, dv6-1102tu, dv6-1102tx, dv6-1103au, dv6-1103ax, dv6-1103ee, dv6-1103ei, dv6-1103eo, dv6-1103tu, dv6-1103tx, dv6-1104au, dv6-1104ax, dv6-1104tu, dv6-1104tx, dv6-1105au, dv6-1105ax, dv6-1105ee, dv6-1105ei, dv6-1105eo, dv6-1105es, dv6-1105sl, dv6-1105tu, dv6-1105tx, dv6-1106au, dv6-1106ax, dv6-1106tx, dv6-1107au, dv6-1107ax, dv6-1107el, dv6-1107tx, dv6-1108au, dv6-1108ax, dv6-1108ca, dv6-1108tx, dv6-1108tx, dv6-1109au, dv6-1109ax, dv6-1109tx, dv6-1110ec, dv6-1110eg, dv6-1110eh, dv6-1110ej, dv6-1110el, dv6-1110eo, dv6-1110eq, dv6-1110es, dv6-1110et, dv6-1110ez, dv6-1110ss, dv6-1110tx, dv6-1111tx, dv6-1112tx, dv6-1113tx, dv6-1114tx, dv6-1114tx, dv6-1115ee, dv6-1115ei, dv6-1115es, dv6-1115et, dv6-1115ez, dv6-1115tx, dv6-1116el, dv6-1116tx, dv6-1117el, dv6-1117es, dv6-1117tx, dv6-1118el, dv6-1118tx, dv6-1119el, dv6-1119tx, dv6-1120ec, dv6-1120ef, dv6-1120eg, dv6-1120eh, dv6-1120ei, dv6-1120ej, dv6-1120ek, dv6-1120el, dv6-1120eo, dv6-1120eq, dv6-1120er, dv6-1120es, dv6-1120et, dv6-1120ez, dv6-1120sa, dv6-1120sf, dv6-1120sk, dv6-1120sl, dv6-1120tx, dv6-1121tx, dv6-1122tx, dv6-1122us, dv6-1123ee, dv6-1123tx, dv6-1124ca, dv6-1124tx, dv6-1125ee, dv6-1125ef, dv6-1125el, dv6-1125eo, dv6-1125er, dv6-1125et, dv6-1125sf, dv6-1125tx, dv6-1126el, dv6-1126tx, dv6-1127cl, dv6-1127ee, dv6-1127el, dv6-1127tx, dv6-1128tx, dv6-1129tx, dv6-1130ec, dv6-1130eg, dv6-1130eh, dv6-1130ei, dv6-1130ek, dv6-1130el, dv6-1130eo, dv6-1130eq, dv6-1130es, dv6-1130et, dv6-1130sa, dv6-1130tx, dv6-1131sa, dv6-1131tx, dv6-1132sa, dv6-1132tx, dv6-1133ea, dv6-1133eg, dv6-1133et, dv6-1133sa, dv6-1133tx, dv6-1134ca, dv6-1134tx, dv6-1135ei, dv6-1135ek, dv6-1135et, dv6-1135ew, dv6-1135ez, dv6-1135tx, dv6-1136tx, dv6-1138ca, dv6-1138tx, dv6-1139tx, dv6-1140ea, dv6-1140ec, dv6-1140ed, dv6-1140ef, dv6-1140eg, dv6-1140ei, dv6-1140ej, dv6-1140ek, dv6-1140el, dv6-1140eo, dv6-1140eq, dv6-1140es, dv6-1140et, dv6-1140ez, dv6-1140tx, dv6-1144et, 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dv7-1010eg, dv7-1010el, dv7-1010eo, dv7-1010ep, dv7-1010es, dv7-1010et, dv7-1010tx, dv7-1011tx, dv7-1012tx, dv7-1013tx, dv7-1014ca, dv7-1014tx, dv7-1015eg, dv7-1015el, dv7-1015eo, dv7-1015tx, dv7-1016nr, dv7-1016tx, dv7-1017eg, dv7-1017tx, dv7-1018eg, dv7-1018tx, dv7-1019tx, dv7-1020ea, dv7-1020eg, dv7-1020el, dv7-1020eo, dv7-1020es, dv7-1020ev, dv7-1020ew, dv7-1020tx, dv7-1020us, dv7-1021tx, dv7-1022tx, dv7-1023cl, dv7-1023em, dv7-1023tx, dv7-1024el, dv7-1024tx, dv7-1025eg, dv7-1025nr, dv7-1025tx, dv7-1026tx, dv7-1027ca, dv7-1027tx, dv7-1029eg, dv7-1029tx, dv7-1030eb, dv7-1030ef, dv7-1030eg, dv7-1030el, dv7-1030en, dv7-1030eo, dv7-1030ep, dv7-1030es, dv7-1030ev, dv7-1030tx, dv7-1031tx, dv7-1032tx, dv7-1033tx, dv7-1034ca, dv7-1034tx, dv7-1035ef, dv7-1035em, dv7-1035eo, dv7-1035es, dv7-1038ca, dv7-1040ec, dv7-1040ef, dv7-1040em, dv7-1040eo, dv7-1040es, dv7-1040et, dv7-1040ew, dv7-1045eg, dv7-1045tx, dv7-1048ez, dv7-1050ea, dv7-1050eb, dv7-1050ed, dv7-1050ef, dv7-1050eg, dv7-1050eo, 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dv7-2080es, dv7-2090ec, dv7-2092eo, dv7-2108tx, dv7-2111tx, dv7-2120sa, dv7-2135eo, dv7-2177cl, dv7-2180us, dv7-2190us, dv7t, dv7t-1000, dv7t-1200 CTO, dv7t-2000, dv7z, dv7z-1000

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HDX16-1000EN, HDX16-1000EO, HDX16-1001TX, HDX16-1001XX, HDX16-1002TX, HDX16-1003TX, HDX16-1004TX, HDX16-1005EA, HDX16-1005TX, HDX16-1006TX, HDX16-1007TX, HDX16-1008TX, HDX16-1009TX, HDX16-1010EA, HDX16-1010TX, HDX16-1011TX, HDX16-1012TX, HDX16-1013TX, HDX16-1014TX, HDX16-1015TX, HDX16-1025NR, HDX16-1040EL, HDX16-1040ER, HDX16-1040US, HDX16-1044NR, HDX16-1050EE, HDX16-1050EF, HDX16-1050ET, HDX16-1050EV, HDX16-1056CA, HDX16-1060ED, HDX16-1060EG, HDX16-1060ES, HDX16-1100EO, HDX16-1101EA, HDX16-1101EG, HDX16-1101TX, HDX16-1102TX, HDX16-1103TX, HDX16-1104TX, HDX16-1105TX, HDX16-1106TX, HDX16-1107TX, HDX16-1108TX, HDX16-1109TX, HDX16-1110TX, HDX16-1140US, HDX16-1150EF, HDX16-1155CA, HDX16-1155EE, HDX16-1160ED, HDX16-1160ES, HDX16-1160US, HDX16T-1000 CTO, HDX16T-1100 CTO

HP DV3000 Series:
dv3000, dv3001tx, dv3002tx, dv3003tx, dv3004tx, dv3005tx, dv3006tx, dv3007tx, dv3008tx, dv3009tx, dv3010tx, dv3011tx, dv3012tx, dv3013tx, dv3014tx, dv3015tx, dv3016tx, dv3017tx, dv3018tx, dv3019tx, dv3020tx, dv3021tx, dv3022tx, dv3023tx, dv3024tx, dv3025tx, dv3026tx, dv3027tx, dv3028tx, dv3029tx, dv3030tx, dv3051nr, dv3100, dv3101tx, dv3102tx, dv3103tx, dv3104tx, dv3105tx, dv3106tx, dv3107tx, dv3108tx, dv3109tx, dv3110tx, dv3111tx, dv3112tx, dv3113tx, dv3114tx, dv3115tx, dv3116tx, dv3117tx, dv3118tx, dv3119tx, dv3120tx, dv3500, dv3500ea, dv3500en, dv3500er, dv3500t, dv3501tx, dv3502tx, dv3503tx, dv3504tx, dv3505ea, dv3505tx, dv3505xx, dv3506la, dv3506tx, dv3507ea, dv3507tx, dv3508br, dv3508tx, dv3509tx, dv3510er, dv3510nr, dv3510tx, dv3511tx, dv3512tx, dv3513tx, dv3514tx, dv3515ee, dv3515ef, dv3515ei, dv3515tx, dv3516tx, dv3517tx, dv3518tx, dv3519tx, dv3520ea, dv3520er, dv3520tx, dv3521tx, dv3522tx, dv3523tx, dv3524tx, dv3525ef, dv3525tx, dv3526tx, dv3527tx, dv3528tx, dv3529tx, dv3530es, dv3530et, dv3530tx, dv3531tx, dv3532tx, dv3533tx, dv3534tx, dv3535tx, dv3536tx, dv3537tx, dv3538tx, dv3539tx, dv3540es, dv3540tx, dv3541tx, dv3542tx, dv3543tx, dv3544tx, dv3545ei, dv3545tx, dv3550ee, dv3550eg, dv3550el, dv3550eo, dv3550ep, dv3550es, dv3550ez, dv3560ep, dv3560ev, dv3570ei, dv3600, dv3600ec, dv3600eg, dv3600eo, dv3600t, dv3601tx, dv3602tx, dv3603tx, dv3604la, dv3604tx, dv3605tx, dv3606tx, dv3607tx, dv3608tx, dv3609tx, dv3610ea, dv3610eo, dv3610er, dv3610tx, dv3611er, dv3611tx, dv3612tx, dv3613tx, dv3614tx, dv3615tx, dv3616tx, dv3617tx, dv3618tx, dv3619tx, dv3620ef, dv3620tx, dv3621tx, dv3622tx, dv3623tx, dv3624tx, dv3625ee, dv3625ei, dv3625tx, dv3626tx, dv3627tx, dv3628tx, dv3629tx, dv3630eb, dv3630tx, dv3631tx, dv3632tx, dv3633tx, dv3634tx, dv3635tx, dv3636tx, dv3640ew, dv3650ef, dv3650eg, dv3650ei, dv3650ek, dv3650el, dv3650ep, dv3650ez, dv3655ee, dv3660ei, dv3660ej, dv3660ew, dv3680es, dv3699ef, dv3700, dv3701tx, dv3702tx, dv3703tx, dv3704tx, dv3705tx, dv3706tx

HP X16 Series:
X16, X16-1000EN, X16-1000EO, X16-1001TX, X16-1001XX, X16-1002TX, X16-1003TX, X16-1004TX, X16-1005EA, X16-1005TX, X16-1006TX, X16-1007TX, X16-1008TX, X16-1009TX, X16-1010EA, X16-1010TX, X16-1011TX, X16-1012TX, X16-1013TX, X16-1014TX, X16-1015TX, X16-1025NR, X16-1040EL, X16-1040ER, X16-1040US, X16-1044NR, X16-1050EE, X16-1050EF, X16-1050ET, X16-1050EV, X16-1056CA, X16-1060ED, X16-1060EG, X16-1060ES, X16-1100EO, X16-1101EA, X16-1101EG, X16-1101TX, X16-1102TX, X16-1103TX, X16-1104TX, X16-1105TX, X16-1106TX, X16-1107TX, X16-1108TX, X16-1109TX, X16-1110TX, X16-1111TX, X16-1140US, X16-1150EF, X16-1155CA, X16-1155EE, X16-1160EB, X16-1160ED, X16-1160EL, X16-1160ES, X16-1160US, X16-1175EZ, X16-1180EZ, X16-1201TX, X16-1202TX, X16-1203TX, X16-1204TX, X16-1205TX, X16-1250EF, X16-1255EE, X16-1258CA, X16-1260ED, X16-1260EL, X16-1260ES, X16-1275EA, X16-1280EA, X16-1280EZ, X16-1299EB, X16T-1000, X16T-1000 CTO, X16T-1100, X16T-1100 CTO, X16T-1200z

HP Gxx Series:
G50, G50-100, G50-100 CTO, G50-100EA, G50-102NR, G50-103NR, G50-104CA, G50-104NR, G50-106NR, G50-108NR, G50-109NR, G50-110EA, G50-111NR, G50-112NR, G50-113CA, G50-116CA, G50-118NR, G50-121CA, G50-122CA, G50-123NR, G50-124NR, G50-126NR, G50-201CA, G50-209CA, G50-211CA, G50-213CA, G50-215CA, G50-219CA, G60, G60-100, G60-100EM, G60-101CA, G60-101TU, G60-102XX, G60-103XX, G60-104CA, G60-104XX, G60-108CA, G60-114EA, G60-115EA, G60-115EM, G60-116EA, G60-116EM, G60-117EM, G60-117US, G60-118EM, G60-118NR, G60-119EA, G60-119EM, G60-119OM, G60-120CA, G60-120EM, G60-120US, G60-121WM, G60-123CL, G60-125CA, G60-125NR, G60-126CA, G60-127CL, G60-127NR, G60-128CA, G60-146CA, G60-200, G60-201TU, G60-202TU, G60-203TU, G60-208CA, G60-213EM, G60-214EM, G60-215EM, G60-216EM, G60-217EM, G60-219CA, G60-219EA, G60-225CA, G60-228CA, G60-230CA, G60-230US, G60-233CA, G60-233NR, G60-234CA, G60-235CA, G60-235DX, G60-235WM, G60-236US, G60-237NR, G60-237US, G60-238CA, G60-243CL, G60-243DX, G60-247CL, G60-249CA, G60-249WM, G60-348CA, G60T-200, G61, G61-101TU, G61-102TU, G61-103TU, G61-104TU, G70, G70-100, G70-100 CTO, G70-105EA, G70-110EA, G70-110EM, G70-111EA, G70-111EM, G70-120EA, G70-120EM, G70-212EM, G70-213EM, G70-246US, G70-250CA, G70-250US, G70-257CL, G70-258US, G70T-100, G70T-200, G71

Compatible with AC Adapter Part Numbers


This ac adapter will work as a replacement also for 18.5V 3.5A 65W ac adapters that have the 7.4x5mm tip. Our 90W will just have more power available but your laptop would just use the amount of wattage that it needs.

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