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2 Battery + Charger Casio NP-20 NP20 Exilim EX-Z75
Casio NP-20 Battery Exilim EX-Z75
2 Batteries + Charger Combo for Casio NP-20 includes two batteries and AC/DC battery charger.

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Description Technical Specs

2 Battery + Charger Casio NP-20 NP20 Exilim EX-Z75

Compatible with Part Numbers

Casio NP-20
Casio NP20
Casio NP-20DBA
Casio NP20DBA
APS BC1066
Delkin DD/NP-20
Digipower BP-NP20
Duracell DRCA20
Lenmar DLCS20
Maxell DC3776
Polaroid PR-119DG
Sakar CB-20
Sunpak RB-7
Ultralast ULNP20

Compatible with the following devices

Exilim Card EX-S1
Exilim Card EX-S100
Exilim Card EX-S100WE
Exilim Card EX-S1PM
Exilim Card EX-S2
Exilim Card EX-S20
Exilim Card EX-S20U
Exilim Card EX-S2PW
Exilim Card EX-S3
Exilim Card EX-S500
Exilim Card EX-S500EO
Exilim Card EX-S500GY
Exilim Card EX-S500WE
Exilim Card EX-S600
Exilim Card EX-S600BE
Exilim Card EX-S600D
Exilim Card EX-S600EO
Exilim Card EX-S600GD
Exilim Card EX-S600SR
Exilim Card EX-S770
Exilim Card EX-S770BE
Exilim Card EX-S770RD
Exilim Card EX-S770SR
Exilim Card EX-S880
Exilim Card EX-Z60BK
Exilim Card EX-Z70BK
Exilim Card EX-Z70SR
Exilim EX-M1
Exilim EX-M2
Exilim EX-M20
Exilim EX-M20U
Exilim EX-S1
Exilim EX-S100
Exilim EX-S100WE
Exilim EX-S1PM
Exilim EX-S2
Exilim EX-S20
Exilim EX-S20U
Exilim EX-S2PW
Exilim EX-S3
Exilim EX-S500
Exilim EX-S500EO
Exilim EX-S500GY
Exilim EX-S500WE
Exilim EX-S600
Exilim EX-S600BE
Exilim EX-S600D
Exilim EX-S600EO
Exilim EX-S600GD
Exilim EX-S600SR
Exilim EX-S770
Exilim EX-S770BE
Exilim EX-S770RD
Exilim EX-S770SR
Exilim EX-S880
Exilim EX-Z3
Exilim EX-Z4
Exilim EX-Z4U
Exilim EX-Z5
Exilim EX-Z6
Exilim EX-Z60
Exilim EX-Z60BK
Exilim EX-Z60SR
Exilim EX-Z7
Exilim EX-Z70
Exilim EX-Z70BK
Exilim EX-Z70SR
Exilim EX-Z75
Exilim EX-Z77
Exilim Zoom EX-Z3
Exilim Zoom EX-Z4
Exilim Zoom EX-Z4U
Exilim Zoom EX-Z5
Exilim Zoom EX-Z6
Exilim Zoom EX-Z60
Exilim Zoom EX-Z60SR
Exilim Zoom EX-Z7
Exilim Zoom EX-Z70
Exilim Zoom EX-Z75

BENQ X-710
BENQ X-720
Premier DM-5370

Exilim Card EXS1
Exilim Card EXS100
Exilim Card EXS100WE
Exilim Card EXS1PM
Exilim Card EXS2
Exilim Card EXS20
Exilim Card EXS20U
Exilim Card EXS2PW
Exilim Card EXS3
Exilim Card EXS500
Exilim Card EXS500EO
Exilim Card EXS500GY
Exilim Card EXS500WE
Exilim Card EXS600
Exilim Card EXS600BE
Exilim Card EXS600D
Exilim Card EXS600EO
Exilim Card EXS600GD
Exilim Card EXS600SR
Exilim Card EXS770
Exilim Card EXS770BE
Exilim Card EXS770RD
Exilim Card EXS770SR
Exilim Card EXS880
Exilim Card EXZ60BK
Exilim Card EXZ70BK
Exilim Card EXZ70SR
Exilim EXM1
Exilim EXM2
Exilim EXM20
Exilim EXM20U
Exilim EXS1
Exilim EXS100
Exilim EXS100WE
Exilim EXS1PM
Exilim EXS2
Exilim EXS20
Exilim EXS20U
Exilim EXS2PW
Exilim EXS3
Exilim EXS500
Exilim EXS500EO
Exilim EXS500GY
Exilim EXS500WE
Exilim EXS600
Exilim EXS600BE
Exilim EXS600D
Exilim EXS600EO
Exilim EXS600GD
Exilim EXS600SR
Exilim EXS770
Exilim EXS770BE
Exilim EXS770RD
Exilim EXS770SR
Exilim EXS880
Exilim EXZ3
Exilim EXZ4
Exilim EXZ4U
Exilim EXZ5
Exilim EXZ6
Exilim EXZ60
Exilim EXZ60BK
Exilim EXZ60SR
Exilim EXZ7
Exilim EXZ70
Exilim EXZ70BK
Exilim EXZ70SR
Exilim EXZ75
Exilim EXZ77
Exilim Zoom EXZ3
Exilim Zoom EXZ4
Exilim Zoom EXZ4U
Exilim Zoom EXZ5
Exilim Zoom EXZ6
Exilim Zoom EXZ60
Exilim Zoom EXZ60SR
Exilim Zoom EXZ7
Exilim Zoom EXZ70
Exilim Zoom EXZ75

Premier DM5370

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